July 2, 2012

Why isn’t meditation in every school in America?

I can’t understand why some form of meditation practice is not in every school in America.

There’s tons of research on this subject that has been done by some of the brightest minds from Harvard, Yale, Princeton and every Ivy League school in America.

I don’t care if they call it meditation—mindfulness, deep breathing, transcendental meditation. The bottom line is, it’s an effective tool to increase focus, reduce stress and calm down children.

According to this infographic, as of 2012 there are only 13 states that have a meditation program.

We have some of the highest rates of drop outs, suicides and bullying going on in schools. Meditation is not a cure all, but it could definitely have a positive impact on improving some of these problems.

Source: Edutopia.org

The Hawn Foundation has developed a wonderful program called MindUP that incorporates positive psychology, neuroscience and mindfulness. This is a program that should be in every school in America.

Congressman Tim Ryan did a great speech on mindfulness explaining how the scientific research is here. We just need authority figures to take action.

I would like to see any and all forms of meditation being made more accessible in all schools. I think it would have a ripple effect on the well-being of society.

Editor: Lynn Hasselberger

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Read 19 comments and reply

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