Why Older Women Like Younger Men. ~ Lori Flynn

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on Jul 15, 2012
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After reading Adam Sheck’s post  “Why Older Men Love Younger Women,” I thought it was only fair to formulate a humorous counter-response on why older women like younger men.

  • 1. They like to eat.

Food is delicious. It sustains us.  It’s a fact that young men like food and eating. Join forces with one and never be hungry.

  • 2. They like to not eat.

    Sometimes, perhaps after a particularly large breakfast, they like to stop putting food into their mouths. This is great for that elusive balance we’re all striving for.

  • 3. They breathe.

    Breathing is not just a tenet of yoga. Young men breathe. They breathe deeply, they breathe frequently and there’s always enough oxygen to share. Everything is better when done together.

  • 4. Sex.


  • 5. They’re good at lifting heavy things.

    Younger men are strong. If you have something to move, they can grab the other side and help you out. They usually even offer to be the one who walks backwards.

  • 6. Showering.

Younger men enjoy a shower every once in awhile. If you’re lucky, your schedules may coincide so that you can do this together. The benefits speak for themselves—water conservation, mutual back scrubbing, company—it’s truly one of the great joys of a May-December romance.

  • 7. Ice cream.

Photo: Wee Lakeo

In a cone? In a bowl? In shake or malt format? It doesn’t matter. Younger men love ice cream and they will stop at nothing to get it. They will eat it in broad daylight or in the wee hours of the morning by the light of the moon. Vanilla, rainbow sherbet, Cherry Garcia, mint & chip—they know about all of these flavors and probably some you’ve never even heard of. Live in a hot climate? Find a younger man, an ice cream joint and some cash. Sit back and watch the magic happen.

  • 8. Music.

They like listening to it, making it, dancing to it…in the house, in the car, at an amphitheatre, on a farm…it’s crazy. Looking to attract a younger man? Crank some music, dance and just wait—you won’t be disappointed.

  • 9. Love.

Love makes us feel rejuvenated, not age gaps or even qualities of a person (as most qualities are transient anyway, right?).

Being enveloped by the force of love, acknowledging its power and sharing that wonder and appreciation with another human being is where the energy comes from.

When you find it, swim in it for as long as it serves you.

Simply “be” in a space with others that allows you to reflect on your own path, see how far you’ve traveled and rejoice in being able to create experience with someone who sees through the same lens.

Youth can certainly spark new energy, but love sustains it.


Lori is a yoga teacher and musician. She lives with her much younger boyfriend in the mountains of Colorado. They eat ice cream and lift very heavy things while listening to music. Find her on Facebook.


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4 Responses to “Why Older Women Like Younger Men. ~ Lori Flynn”

  1. Been there, done that, should have BOUGHT the tee shirt factory! Great article, Lori, funny AND true, which is the best for me. Worked for me as long as it did, now I'm on the flip side 🙂

    Ice Cream: would you like it in a cone? Would you like it with my bone? Would you like it in your hair? Would you like it EVERYWHERE?

    Adam Sheck

  2. FYI, your Facebook link doesn't work, and I SO wanted to be friends 🙁

  3. April Dawn says:

    Hi Dr. Sheck~ I fixed the Facebook link! Thanks for letting us know. Friend away.

  4. tanya says:

    Exactly Lori… its about BeING WITH one another. Adam Sheck one day you'll look back on your article and your responses and you will have grown and you'll have a good chuckle and maybe a few tears and you will keep evolving. Here's to your evolution may it be full of grace and Love and all that you feel you and other men are lacking… you guys have a lot of deprogramming to do, I get it, No Hard feelings. the next 2 generations seem to have some more innate sense of equality so we are moving in a good direction.