July 3, 2012

Why Yoga is Not a Self-Improvement Project.

Photo: Andréa de Keijzer

I don’t know what yoga is anymore.

Time passes. We continue to practice.

Over the course of this way of doing our lives, we pick up a flavour for living, a way of appreciating the process of what it means to practice. We do a lot of postures. We sit still for days and months. Sometimes we think it’s helping us figure out our lives. But I don’t think that’s actually right. This is no self-improvement project.

I’m coming to feel that the heart of practice is that we’re encountering each other, spending time in community, building sangha, enjoying the presence of each other and letting that contact go deep inside and change us.

The essence of every moment can change us forever when we truly and honestly encounter what’s happening.

When communities becomes exclusive they become cultish. When we truly encounter each other the practice stays very warm. Sometimes you don’t even know the name of the person next to you. Nevertheless it’s very warm. It’s warm if you are open to seeing things that way. This warmth is more interesting to me than most of what goes on in our city.

Editor: Lynn Hasselberger

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Read 6 comments and reply

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