July 30, 2012

Your Dreams Are Waiting. ~ Kelli Prieur

 It will never be worth waiting to begin.

Nothing is better than now.

There will never be a better, or brighter or more appropriately aligned, sweetly synchronized moment to begin whatever it is that you’ve been avoiding, putting off, wishing or waiting away, than this moment unfolding all around you right now.

Now is the time to start.

Now is the time to move towards your dreams.

Small steps. Just start with one. It’s each one of these small steps that creates the actual manifestation of your greatest goals.

No matter how heavy-footed, heavy-hearted or how heavy you are with overwhelm or confusion or anxiety or the belief that you have no idea what the f*ck it is you’re doing, just begin.

Even if you feel you aren’t good enough, flexible enough, strong enough, smart enough, persistent enough or dedicated enough to do it, go ahead and try it anyway.

Remember, how we spend our days is how we spend our lives.

 This is your time: now.

So start.

Take a deep breath and take one step forward—those tasks standing between your current self and the life you long to live are never going to happen by themselves. They won’t sense your resistance or see you recoil and suddenly sulk away. What they will do is continue to lurk and loom, lending to worry and anxiety, frustration and overwhelm.They will tease and tempt you until you tackle them head on.

Everything in life is going to be challenging before becoming easy.

So start now.

Have the humility and self-love that allow you to be a beginner.

Choose to enjoy the excitement of trying something new, knowing that regardless of how bumpy the path you’re walking, you will get “there” eventually.

The things you need to get done aren’t going anywhere.

The daunting newness, those feelings of insecurity and not-good-enoughs that sense of drowning in detail and confusion and fuzziness and frustration can only dissipate when you choose to actually move through it.

Stop waiting.

This is the perfect moment.                                                                                            

It will be the hardest to move through, but the most rewarding.

So start your journey today.

Try yoga, finally.

Get in shape.

Do your taxes: yes, all four years of them.

Make time for learning to sit with yourself.

Get organized.

Try trapeze, or salsa, or pole dancing or whatever you’ve been waiting and waiting and waiting to try.

 Now is the time. 

The time to plan your future, the time to let go, the time to understand.

Now is the time to love.

To reconnect.

To call, to apologize, to forgive.

Now is the time.

Do what you’ve been saying you would do.

You have to start sometime, so why not start now?

Don’t wait for the perfect moment. Take this moment and make it perfect.

Your dreams are waiting.

Kelli Prieur is a yogi and a lover, a believer and a mother. She’s fiery and she’s flawed, full and empty and still searching and trying, failing and flailing, wandering through life, looking for the sweetness and the raw truths and the loves and lightness. She’s a teacher and a writer, a photo-taker and a maker. She’s looking for happiness in the simple things, the spaces between, the shades of light, the moments she slips through when she’s sleepy, when she’s lonely, when she’s wishing she was somewhere else. She’s trying to look for the good with her heart full and her palms open, and she’s here with hopes of offering, and keeping’ it fresh and real and hopefully, bright. She writes a regular blog and runs retreats both locally in Australia, as well as internationally. follow Kelli’s HeartGlow Yoga Retreats on Facebook.

Editor: Edith Lazenby

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