August 10, 2012

A Man & his Books. ~ A.B Chesler

A man’s library lay dormant one day,

Its spines relaxing while he was away.

But the pages were bustling and full of thought,

As a war of the words was about to be fought.

It started with a novel bound in a leather blood red,

Whose writer remains nameless out of respect for the dead.

“My author was brilliant! The best of his time!

It’s so sad that he died in the midst of his prime.”

“Hah! Your author: brilliant? Not even a chance!

My penman will captivate with only one glance.”

“Must you always argue when the man isn’t here?”

The E-reader soon spoke with no hint of fear.

“Who asked YOU?” an angry book inquired.

“If I were Donald Trump you would be ‘Fired!’”

The couch was quite pleased with his view of this fight,

So he spoke for the first time in 82 nights.

“You never make it around to these parts,

I’m surprised to find you with all the old farts.”

The E-reader laughed ‘til his screen was aglow,

Then he delivered the books a very low blow.

“That’s exactly it; you’re all old & outdated!

“I contain all of you,” the E-reader stated.

“With the simple swipe of a button I have it all:

Long novels, short stories, even tales that are tall!

All the man has to do is pay a nominal price,

And remember to always plug in my device.”

Then the smug, lil’ E-reader smiled quite large,

As it slowly relaxed and let itself charge.

But the novels were fuming by this point in the fight,

And they unleashed their fury with all of their might.

“Old? Outdated?! Never, you insipid boob!

If I felt like machinery I’d turn on the tube!

You’re simply a trinket that the man will outgrow,

But he leaves us in shelves to put on a show.

He lines us up because we are his trophies,

You? You’re just a toy, a fad if you please!

So, with a simple swipe of your button you turn on?

After the next piece of tech you’ll surely be gone!

But we’ll be here; the scent of our pages will linger,

Always offering an adventure with the flick of a finger.

One day we’ll be worth more than we were before.

And you? Cheaper than next year’s model, for sure!”

The E-reader felt feeble as his light went dim;

It was clear that he’d lost all his vigor and vim.

The books sensed the defeat & felt awful proud,

Until being disturbed with a “Slam!” that was loud.

The man entered the library in a great, big huff,

And his books could see that his day had been tough.

He spied their titles and finally chose,

A beautifully written collection of prose.

He fingered the spine and breathed in the smell,

And instantly felt that the world was quite swell.

The books around him shared in delight;

It was clear the E-reader had lost the fight.

     A.B. Chesler is a writer and educator who enjoys seeing the lighter side of Life. Her newest credits include the publication of her short story, “Love You Forever,” in Chicken Soup for the Soul’s most recent edition.  Be sure to check in with her each week on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/ABChesler) to find a new, humorously uplifting poem posted specifically for you to share with your friends. Enjoy!



Editor: April Hayes

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