August 18, 2012

Breaking in New Shoes. ~ Danielle Leigh

Just the other day I heard the most wonderful saying:

There is no path to enlightenment, there is only stepping out of the darkness.


The world is shifting, flowing into new territory, and I see more and more that people are placing others upon pedestals less and less. We are all human, all fallible and there is no means to an end. We came from the spirit realm, we know it well. And this is to where we shall return.

Earlier tonight, I was spending some quality time with my eight year old niece.

She was having fun goofing around, and one of her plays included her donning a pair of over-sized heels, turning to the door and exclaiming, “Oh my, it’s midnight!” Then, running for the door she kicked off one shoe and left it behind, leaving us all laughing so hard we were in stitches.

This got my sometimes over-active mind thinking later in the evening, sometime around midnight.

Sometimes, we need to kick off our old shoes and find a new pair; to bring closure to one cycle, moving from light of day to dark of night, momentarily allowing the world and all beings upon it to rest before we give birth again to the light.

The sleep is being wiped from our eyes, even while commercials, flyers and advertisements are being hurled our way to spend, spend, spend. The old is making way for the new, and perhaps we are experiencing its final death throes.

Could this be true?

Are we really clearing through the bushes to pave new paths for yet uncharted soul journeys? The old won’t go down without a fight, and this is where we must keep the light in our eyes shining strong, our senses alive and engaged.

We hear so often, “it’s not about you,” while in the same breath we are told that the work we do on ourselves is what will effect the outcome of all that surrounds us. So in this regard, everything is about you/us.

What I will say is this; we are learning to step into our power as individuals, while sensing the intrinsic pulse that connects and keeps us all one. We each came here for a reason. Each of us carries a medicine, and we are each a piece of the greater cosmic puzzle.

Some are vastly aware of their missions, some are working corporate jobs, perhaps unaware of the lightwork they are performing, and there are all levels of awareness in between.

I am reminded of a spiritual teacher who once told me a story.

She had been rushing to buy lunch between classes and was digging through her purse for change. Outside of the shop was an older man, appearing weathered and homeless, and he asked her to spare some of her change. She replied that no, she couldn’t, and with an apology she rushed into the cafe.

As she turned to leave with her food, she passed the man on her way out. As he walked, she saw rainbow colors and beautiful codes flying out from beneath the man’s feet. She stopped, frozen, and looked up at the man. He paused to catch her gaze, and then with a sparkle in his eye, he winked at her. My teacher remembers standing there awestruck, thinking, “I know nothing.”

So I end here with this—perhaps clarity is finally gracing us as we dust off the shoes we brought with us to wear at this time.

They may feel a bit tight, but if we just wear them around the house for awhile, we’ll break them in and finally be able to wear them out. Maybe even spend some time dancing the night away in them, and with a bit of luck, grace and fairy dust, maybe our coaches won’t turn into pumpkins.



Danielle Leigh is an instructor of dance and yoga, a choreographer and a movement alchemist living in the Canadian Rockies. She is mother to three and wife to one. When not teaching, creating, or chasing after the three little ones, she finds the time to write. Sometimes.


Editor: Thaddeus Haas

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