Breaking News: Mitt Romney can be passionate, sincere, eloquent.

Via Waylon Lewis
on Aug 8, 2012
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Mitt Romney nails tough question.

“All people are children of God.”

I’ve expressed dismay about this many times—twice this week in conversation. So I was relieved to see Romney answer this important question.

“Thirty-one years old and your Church was discriminating against blacks..?!”

And, obviously, I’m no fan of Romney. But he nails this—with passion, heart and an appreciation for a complicated, too-slow evolution. I’ve frankly never seen him seem sincere at all—so I’m surprised, and gladdened, to see it here.

(This is from a few years ago)

Don’t think he’s truly sincere? That’s your call. Given that he doesn’t match his words, then, to his view on Gay Rights, now…you may have a point. Still, credit where due: he gives a thoughtful, fair answer here.


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22 Responses to “Breaking News: Mitt Romney can be passionate, sincere, eloquent.”

  1. James Morrison says:

    To be fair, let's acknowledge he shows he's capable of some degree of passion and eloquence. Sincerity, as in the absence of duplicity, not so much. The question of whether his "faith" was wrong in excluding blacks was never answered and, more importantly, his father did not march with Martin Luther King, Jr. While it's true George Romney is said to have "supported" King, no evidence has been found that his father marched "with" King. Of course, like sincerity, I suppose it depends on what your definition of "with" is.

  2. Christo Purdin says:

    Mitt Romney is full of chit, like usual. His dad never "marched with Martin Luther King". That is straight BS. This guy just won't stop lying! I don't find him sincere, eloquent, passionate or even believable. I don't think even he believes what he is saying. I think he is repeating what he was told to say. He's a bad actor. He's a lousy politician. He's a horrible campaigner. Nobody likes him very much because he has a thick air of elitist snob around him at all times. Even in this interview he can't stop smirking when Russert is asking questions. He does the best he can to stick to the script that his focus groups, handlers and polls told him to use, and he is not very good at it. I find him, insincere, dull, bland, unconvincing and lifeless.

  3. LibertyLover says:

    The Obama That I Used to Know

    EJ is bullshit for not posting this video! This is a pro obama blog that refuses to criticize assassination and illegal wars. How can you call yourselves Buddhists/Yogis? Ahimsa anyone?!

    You want a Romney presidency with the assassination policy? Maybe he'll bring back torture.

  4. __MikeG__ says:

    Ej doesn't post one partisan video you like and suddenly it becomes a "pro-obama" blog? Your post does not pass the laugh test.

  5. LibertyLover says:

    I suggest you look up the word "Partisan" in the dictionary. Then watch the video.

    How about EJ posting one video on Obama? Just one. Your post doesn't pass the fact check. It's all Romney all the time, but no Obama critiques. It's our job to uphold whoever the next president may be to higher standards.

  6. We'd publish them by anyone who wants to write/blog one. This is by Waylon & he's an Obama supporter. What's not to get? We have published a variety of political opinions, but we haven't had many submissions recently on anything from other parties. Go for it!

  7. LibertyLover says:

    Also, this video has 300,000 views and is "viral." It's controversial, a clever, fair critique on Obama, that will garner this blog a lot of traffic. So I'm challenging them to post it in order to expose that EJ refuses to post any well thought out critique of Obama. It's not like I'm asking them to post anything by Chomsky.

  8. LibertyLover says:

    Do you allow writers to remain anonymous?

  9. Libertylover says:

    Well then for now I'll keep picking on Waylon. Hey Waylon, you dharmapunk, do you really think anyone who reads this blog cares about Romney? How about you use what little influence you have to rally the EJ community to hold the president to higher standards?

    Obama That I Used To Know – Gotye 'Somebody That I Used To Know' Parody

    Noam Chomsky on WikiLeaks, Obama's Targeted Assassinations and Latin America's Break From US
    "If the Bush administration didn't like somebody, they'd kidnap them and send them to torture chambers," Chomsky says. "If the Obama administration decides they don't like somebody, they murder them."

    Don't be scared homie!

  10. __MikeG__ says:

    It appears you do not grasp the simple concept that not posting one video you like does not make this a pro-obama blog. One video.

    I do not know how to make that concept any simpler.

    Looking at your comments, you are just trolling. Since you have nothing intelligent to offer I will bow out now.

  11. Libertylover says:
    "reluctant to acknowledge correctness on the part of their political opponents in almost any situation."


  12. Libertylover says:
    Can you find "one" post taking obama to task on something? "One post."

  13. mithras says:

    He didn't answer the question.

    He talked about his parents' Civil Rights records but could offer nothing of his own.

    He talked about equality before God in the "hereafter" but did not address equality amongst all people in the here and now.

    Romney was 31 years old when his Church had a convenient 'revelation'. (It was concerned about losing its tax-exempt status because of its racist policies.) There is no record of him ever saying or doing anything about his faith's systemic racism either as a child or as an adult.

    Can anyone name a black senior adviser on the Romney campaign staff?

  14. Will Space says:

    He would equally sell anyone of any race the shirt off their own back. Not impressed.

  15. elephantjournal says:

    I have so little influence, no point, anonymous friend.

    But if you'd like to contribute, all readers are welcome, our writers are our readers: [email protected] ~ Waylon

  16. elephantjournal says:

    Cutely hypocritical question of the day, anonymous?

  17. elephantjournal says:

    We've posted on Chomsky before—but I'm sure you've checked that before commenting.

  18. elephantjournal says:

    Oof. Thanks for that! So he didn't march with King?

  19. guest says:

    Well, not posting a single video certainly isn't enough to make this a pro-Obama blog. However the totality of posts makes it rather silly to think that this is anything other than a non-critical pro-Obama blog. All one needs to do is search posts that have been related to Obama. Not one critical word.

  20. LibertyLover says:

    Like Obama's anonymous drone strikes? You're right, I should reveal my true identity as I'm destroying your arguments. We still have the right to privacy? Or did Obama also sign that away in the NDAA?

    Speaking of Anonymous, what is TrapWire? And what is Obama's involvement in it?

  21. Alielbaryeshua says:

    Huh. The book of mormon says that black people are the children (seed) of lucifer.

    Its still there, he's just ignoring it for polical purposes.