Don’t (Ever) Stop Believin’.

Via David Romanelli
on Aug 28, 2012
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This is #23 of 108 Ways to Livin’ the Moment. Let’s take back our lives one beautiful, funny and delicious moment at a time.

#23 of 108: Don’t (Ever) Stop Believin’!

Life is difficult. This is the great truth, one of the greatest truths—it is a great truth because once we see this truth we transcend it.

~ M. Scott Peck

In some way, you are feeling the grind of life.

The grind isn’t just from your annoying boss or screaming kids.

The earth is an intensely foreign environment to the soul.

Before it arrives, your soul must be prepared to endure gravity, pain,and erosion by an entity called “time” that doesn’t exist where you came from.

To function on earth, the soul needs a spacesuit of sorts that we call skin, which is an absolute technological marvel.

As Diane Ackerman writes:

Our skin imprisons us, but it also gives us individual shape, protects us from invaders, cools us down or heats us up as need be, holds in our body fluids. Most amazing, is that it can mend itself when necessary, and is constantly renewing itself. Skin can take a startling variety of shapes. It’s waterproof, washable and elastic.

So here we all are, souls in spacesuits, wandering earth. And all this gravity, and “time,” makes us loopy.

The loopiness causes us to forget about “Mission Control.” And that’s why we meditate or pray, a necessary step to receive guidance and instruction on our mission.

But sometimes we forget, and feel a like a lost satellite on Mars, spinning our wheels until we burn out in the cold light of a distant sun. Ever feel that way?

Stop Spazzing…Your Day Is Coming

Yesterday’s New York Times headline about the Mars Curiosity read, “After Trip of 352 Million Miles, Cheers for 23 Feet on Mars.”

NASA was super cautious to test and prepare the new Mars rover before starting the real work. Yesterday it roamed forward, for the first time. Just 23 feet.
Photo: NASA on The Commons

Sometimes, we go through life, feeling like the Mars Curiosity…like we’ve done so much, traveled so far, yet we’re not getting anywhere.

But Mission Control, the same Mission Control which created your skin, and your brain, and your eyes which are like an advanced camera that has been around for, oh, 10,000 years…

…that same Mission Control will send you the signal, the moment, the person, the fortune you need to fulfill your mission.

It’s just that those things might not come exactly when you want them.


My wife and I were watching Joel Osteen last weekend. You gotta hand it to the guy. Once you have him on your screen for 10 seconds, you’re enraptured. He is absolutely impossible to not watch.
Photo: Aumanack

Joel Osteen was talking about how persevering belief leads to “explosive blessings”—that it may seem like you never get anything and never get anywhere—but all it takes is one great moment and the opportunies, relationships, love, money fall down in a backlogged bustout of good fortune.

As Osteen explained, all this good fortune is saved up for you—but you cannot go rogue on Mission Control.

And if you don’t like Joel Osteen, there’s always Steve Perry from Journey:

Don’t Stop Believin!

Become a Momenteer!

What the heck is a momenteer? If you can relate to feeling frustrated, like you are not moving forward, like you have gone rogue…

Get a hold of yourself.

Everyone has their particular grind, but only some choose to enjoy the journey.

While the giant leap forward may or may not come today or tomorrow, every single day is an opportunity to celebrate life!

I invite you to become what I call a Momenteer, and take back your life one beautiful, funny, delicious moment at a time.

To find out how you can become a Momenteer, email [email protected] and write Momenteer! in the subject.

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    Great article my friend, worth remembering.

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