Ellen DeGeneres on (Transcendental) Meditation.

Via Waylon Lewis
on Aug 3, 2012
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It works for her:

davidlynchfoundation.org/ Ellen DeGeneres opened the show at the David Lynch Foundation’s 3rd annual Change Begins Within Gala. She talked about how she found other meditation techniques difficult – “How am I gonna do this!? This is just impossible.” – Before she tried Transcendental Meditation: “There’s something about TM – it is the only time I have that stillness, it’s the only way I’ve ever been able to sit long enough. I open my eyes and I’m sad that it’s twenty minutes later….. it gives me this peaceful feeling, I just love it so much and I talk about it as much as I can on my show without sounding like I’m preaching about it… I can’t say enough good things about it… All the benefits that you can achieve from just sitting still and going within – it really is a beautiful experience. I’m happy to be a part of this community and I hope to continue doing this.”

For more information on TM scholarships or to learn how to help the David Lynch Foundation please visit http://www.davidlynchfoundation.org/donate

For more information on the Transcendental Meditation technique or to contact your local TM teacher please visit http://tm.org/


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4 Responses to “Ellen DeGeneres on (Transcendental) Meditation.”

  1. NSR/USA says:

    Society is at last facing a real paradigm change. Thankfully.

    The stress has been building up for thousands of years. Wars have been commonplace for those thousands of years. So has greed, selfishness, and the distraction of unwanted and relentless thoughts.

    Finally, the TM people are telling us that unwanted thoughts come from internalized stress. The hidden knowledge has been revealed. AND is being accepted. What a miracle.

    Finally, the knowledge of transcending, which is (according to scientific research) the only effective and efficient way to reduce internalized stress, is being embraced by celebrities and nearly everyone else.

    I'm not saying that "ordinary" Mindfulness has no place. It does. This suffering world needs every meditation technique it can find. But mere awareness is no longer enough.

    Awareness of breathing? Great. We always have breathing, so anyone can understand this technique.

    But awareness is not quite satisfying. It's just not the same as samadhi, the pure awareness of inner silence. The innermost, the simplest experience of all.

    No longer must we feel that samadhi is beyond our grasp, or hidden by "obstacles".

    There are no obstacles to transcending thinking. It's natural, spontaneous, and effortless.

    Now is the time that everyone should consider learning transcending, whether by Transcendental Meditation (TM) or Natural Stress Relief (NSR). Everyone needs to learn from a reliable source of instruction.

    Don't be satisfied with "every form of meditation is the same." Don't be satisfied with "meditation is easy–instruction isn't needed–all you have to do is…" Don't be satisfied with "I don't trust anything that promises easy bliss."

    Learn how to experience the fourth state of consciousness and practice that twice a day. Find out what you've been missing.

    David Spector
    Natural Stress Relief/USA

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