August 4, 2012

Re-awakening: A Yogi’s Journey through Prose. {Poem} ~ Francelle Kwankam

Photo: Ashley Thalman

A slew of invasive stimuli engulf my mind and body

project management deadlines, grocery lists, car horns, traffic queues

the onslaught assaults my senses

but I carve out the time


As the wood meets my heels, arches, the balls of my feet and my toes

I unfurl my mat

and my potential

I sit

at last alone with myself

to explore

to accept

to conscientiously relinquish my ego

and the hours leading up to now

arriving in the present

allowing you to embrace me


Arms and legs lengthen and stretch

the sound of cracking joints

mingles with the soft hum of my breath

fingers and palms push

triceps rotate inwards

shoulders pull back into their sockets

tailbone points upwards

thighs pull back

feet ground down


adho mukha svanasana

downward facing dog


The dance begins

engulfing me in the rhythmic motion of flowing meditation



the first drops of sweat bead my forehead

with eyes closed

I feel

feet grounding on all four sides

hands brushing the air

palms pressing into one another

bringing ananda

bliss into my heart

as prana energy flows

like the gentle fluttering of wings


mountain pose


I peak

as unbeknownst muscles stretch and burn

bones cling to flesh

organs pump

mind stills

buoyant with my breath

sthira sukham asanam

steadiness and ease


I turn the corner

with a wide-mouthed exhale

let it all out


consciously and graciously

move deeper

as a new reality dawns

caught between the pain of the past and the fear of the future

an expansive present

in perfect union

with my self


You nuzzle your way into my life with loving kindness, generosity, teachings

free me from the bindings of fear

release me from all but the now

the physical motion and presence of the ethereal, calm soul

with you I am the highest form of my self


Francelle Kwankam is a dedicated yogini, public health/health promotion expert and life enthusiast. Having grown up in three countries (Cameroon, Switzerland, U.S.) and claiming two ethnicities, she found yoga at 18 to ground her in the present despite her peripatetic upbringing and to calm her active mind. Over the past few years, she has deepened her practice and will receive her YTT-200 hour certification in Astanga-Vinyasa in August 2012. By day she is implementing a telemedicine project in Abu Dhabi (UAE) and by night she reaches for her mat for self exploration. She enjoys singing, writing, baking/cooking and opening herself up to new experiences. Keep up with Francelle and see her upcoming teaching schedule at: http://francelleyoga.wordpress.com/


Editor: Cassandra Smith

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