August 2, 2012

The Feng Shui of LA: The Real Deal on the Celebrity Population.

Is it a coincidence that there are so many famous people in LA, or could it be the Feng Shui of the city?

Besides the amazing weather that LA has to offer, here’s the skinny on why celebs are spotted in droves in the land of dreams, and why so many become famous.

Some homes have special energy charts—based on the facing direction and move-in date—and when they’re activated with a water feature and a real or virtual mountain (landscape boulders, retaining walls, solid fence, etc.) it can bring incredible amounts of money, fame, career luck, successful relationships and good health.

Every single home based on the direction it faces and when the occupants moved in, has an energy chart, referred to as a Flying Stars Chart in the Classical Feng Shui world. This tells us anything and everything that will happen to the people living there. We’re talking money, relationships, and health. Some homes have an extra special chart that can bring fame, fortune, and great wealth in all it’s forms to the occupants.

LA happens to have an abundance of these charts because of the coordinates of the grid that the actual city is built on, as well as the surrounding areas.

For example, in West Hollywood, homes that face East and people that moved in or did major renovations in their homes after 2004 have the fame energy. In Santa Monica, if you moved in or did major renovations after 2004, regardless of what direction your home faces, it has a special chart.

These charts need to be activated to really benefit the people living there, but most of the time they are naturally initiated in the environment. Depending on which chart you have, you may need water in the front or back or a mountain in the front or back.

Roads act as virtual water and buildings can act as virtual mountains. Which means that a lot of people living in these homes that have these special charts are naturally being energized, hence all the famous people in these areas.

I discuss this further on my appearance on HGTV’s, Selling LA in more detail, so stay tuned for air dates. It’s coming out this September!


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