August 21, 2012

Three Yoga Sequences for Busy Parents.

I have been a Yoga Junkie for two decades now.

Seriously, I have been a student of so many different teachers and forms—stuff that is classically based and things that I think someone made up after ingesting a few too many hallucinogenics. For me, it’s all usually pretty interesting and sometimes I have come away with a little gem that I did not expect. Especially now that I have been a teacher for so long, it can be easy to get jaded or think that you have seen and done it all.

The same, I think, can go for students. A teacher whom I respect once said that folks go to class to practice, not to learn. It struck me because of the simple truth in that statement. I know there have been so many times that I have gone to class simply to get my practice in, but have not anticipated actually learning anything. Yet, if we remain open and in the flow we can and we will.

The Cafe Mom crew has a variety of wonderful little videos on YouTube. I was asked to review the Yoga Sequences for Moms taught by Jennifer Pettit and give my take on what they may have to offer:

As a practicing Yogini you may have done every single one of these postures 5,000 times. You may feel adept at some and still struggle with others, like those pesky heels that still will not descend in Downward Facing Dog. But as a teacher and still a student myself, what I most liked most was the end of the class.

Yes, I love the Sun Salutations and the planks and am a huge fan of Bridges, especially with blocks…but what I really enjoyed as a teacher and as a student, was her description at the end of the class on four poses that you may have been doing for years, and still may not do correctly.

Her simple breakdown of the postures as well as a modification are a great “a-ha!” moment for those of us who always question, “Does this look right?”.

Giving yourself 15 minutes to do a sweet and simple yoga class is not really that much to commit to, is it? ( Hello? I made the 12-Minute Workout. I am a firm believer in the quick and easy application of daily yoga! ). That said, once you do commit to give yourself over to her clear and direct communication of the postures, you may feel a teensy bit more in your center as well as more confident in the surrender to a posture you may have thought that you knew so well.

 The link to all 3 workouts is here. Here is more meaningful inspiration for your practice:

Re-awakening: A Yogi’s Journey Through Pose.

So You Need a Quick 15-Minute Pick Me Up?

Pre-Natal Yoga: An Easy Sequence to Do at Home.


~Edited by Jill Barth.


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