Using the Power of the Mind to Change Your Life.

Via David Zenon Starlyte
on Aug 26, 2012
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Picture: David G Arenson ND

There’s nothing that doesn’t involve the mind. It’s literally everywhere.

Consciousness exists even in a vacuum.

The power of the mind is beginning to be widely recognized and accepted, yet the technology and theory is still slowly penetrating mainstream consciousness.

The mind can be used for healing, for personal growth and the achievement of goals. Jose Silva (founder of the Silva Method) believed that 90 percent of illness comes from the human mind and can therefore be reversed by the mind, too. What are the benefits of training the mind?

The Mind Can Create Anything It Dreams Up: Picture: David G Arenson ND

The mind is pivotal in how we see and experience the world.

By training people to increase self-awareness and live with intention, they can:

  • >> think more effectively
  • >> activate their own self-healing capacity
  • >> work purposefully
  • >> achieve action and growth that conquers fear
  • >> achieve the miraculous

How can we use the mind to heal?

The four pillars of mind-body healing are:

  1. Relaxation 
  2. Mental focus/ mindfulness
    You are guided to focus your attention on one thing (e.g. breathing).
  3. Visualization
    Visualization (guided imagery) techniques work because the mind thinks in pictures.
  4. Intent and sustained positive emotion.
    Goal setting is combined with the use of positive emotions during the healing process.

How can a person use their mind to achieve their goals?

Any goal (from health to career to relationship) can be achieved when you condition your mind for success via:

  1. desire
  2. belief
  3. expectation of success
  4. surrender.

How can we use our mind to make the world a better place?

I believe our world is as we dream it. This means what we envision in our minds is the key. Our collective dream is what has created our current world.

In dreaming better dreams, we will make the world better.

I look forward to dreaming with you and creating dreams that we can proud of.

Picture: Jeannine Laurens

Editor: Lynn Hasselberger

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About David Zenon Starlyte

David is an international SOUL-COACH who travels the world as a spiritual healer, coach and mindful speaker. David's vision is to create journey retreats to guide people to places of mystery and power to rediscover, balance and ground themselves. Growing up in apartheid South Africa, David had an early initiation into a dysfunctional society. It influenced his thinking and search for peaceful and spiritual solutions. A passion for healing followed a severe childhood illness and a medical approach he found lacking gentleness and compassion. David later studied theology in war-torn Jerusalem for 3 years, before graduating as a Naturopathic physician in Australia. David has studied personal transformation for over 20 years with some of the leaders of human evolution including Grand Master Mantak Chia, Master Chen and Ajahn Brahm. He has worked as Naturopath, Wellness Expert and Healer at the best luxury resort as well as number one destination spa in the world. His spiritual education in mindfulness, prayer and wisdom has included immersion into Qi Gong (China), Buddhism (Thailand & Australia), Taoism (Thailand and China), Tantra, Qabbalah (Jerusalem). For more information, he can be found at: Website:, , Email: [email protected] , Facebook:


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