September 10, 2012

A Soulful Transformation. ~ Gerry Ellen

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When the mighty ringed planet Saturn entered my Libra sun sign three years ago, I had no idea it would wreak such havoc on areas such as responsibility and accountability.

I was all set on a magnificent journey of the soul, completed several karmic lessons (I felt), yet Saturn hadn’t even begun to weigh its presence down on my simple life. Instead, it chose to pick it up, shake it up and set it back down, to see where all the pieces might fall. The last three years have been an unmistakably interesting road on my path.

Just when I thought I had a slight clue as to how this life of mine would look, oops, there goes another turn and obstacle to be overcome. My old naïve self was practically settled into one type of life, one style of man, one place to live and one way to go in life. I’m not entirely sure it was all it was cracked up to be, but there was a level of comfort that I relished in and cherished for whatever it was worth.

Then, all hell broke loose. In a good way, I might add. I have Saturn and my willing soul to thank.

The lessons since 2009 have been transforming at best. At worst, chaotic and unsettling in nature, however this lovely large karmic planet is set to leave my Libra sign in October. What perfect timing for the onset of autumn, a new season and a brand new me.

Thankfully, I won’t see Saturn back in Libra until 2039, and I will have learned all the lessons, gained all the wisdom and mastered every area of responsibility that it demanded I acquire. I will have cleansed my karma.

This soulful transformation hasn’t been easy. The soul doesn’t have a plan. It only knows and dictates what it needs based on love and guidance from the heavens. I could be walking around aimlessly in one city on a Monday, only to have made a spontaneous decision to up and move to another city, arriving by Tuesday. That is the soul doing its work.

It loves to shock and awe me. It had this idea and blueprint from the very beginning, yet chose not to share what it had in store for me. Rather, I went through countless heartaches, numerous unfulfilling work situations, and interesting liaisons with not-so-trustworthy people and basically knew there was more to life than what was readily apparent.

The soul did, in fact, have a plan for me. And, it had to hit me upside the head about a hundred times before I got it and acted accordingly.

My life needed to transform and it had to start with the very deep part of me—the nuts and bolts of who I am.

As much as I say I wasn’t ready, who in their right mind is ever truly ready for a complete overhaul of their existence without a heads up? I had to muster willingness, forgiveness, fearlessness, courage, bravery and the greatest amount of love possible. I was up for the task, as I soon discovered that the changes taking place were so subtle, I never quite felt as though it was dreaded.

If anything, the changes happening deep within were welcomed and wise. I was able to handle more than ever before, I was able to make very adult and conscientious decisions on my own and I even learned the unthinkable art of saying “no”. For a woman, that’s a tall order.

Especially to a peace-loving Libra woman. All we want to do is please others, create harmony, utilize diplomacy in our daily interactions and settle into pleasant environments. That soulful beginning back in 2009 was such a roller coaster ride from the start, but as the years ticked by, the most memorable events were actually quite awesome.

I can say that now, as I am in the final stages of my karmic cleansing. If you had asked me in 2010 what I felt and how it was going, my answer might have been one of struggle and concern. I was in the throes of my soul undergoing a deep transformation, readying itself for a whole new me.

Now, in 2012, I can honestly say (and that’s Saturn talking) that I have taken full responsibility for my life. I am fully accountable for all my actions thus far and beyond. If there was something that fell through the life cracks, chances are my karma will pick it up at some point and toss it back in my face to teach me a valuable lesson.

And, I’ll even be ready for it. I will welcome it. I will show vast amounts of gratitude for it. Because I know that my soul knew exactly what it was up to.

This transformation had its way with me, and I loved it. Saturn had its way with me too, and although teaching me year after year about life, I had to face the reality that I can never go back. At this stage of my second half of life, I have more meaning than ever before and my soul has a purpose. I have even had the pleasure of meeting several like-minded souls along the way; all of us scratching our heads as to “where did you come from?”

This has been more prevalent in relationships. To be able to participate in soulful friendships and love scenarios is a rare occurrence. Practicing soulful awareness and daily vibrations of love and spirituality is what this life needs and is willing to give, if only the transformation is warranted.

Fortunately, I have now met my match. Little does this man know what he is in for, as our souls are traveling in this energy of exceptional time and behavior. I believe he gets it. We were meant to meet at just the right time. Both of us experiencing simultaneous soul transformations and preparing for one of the greatest loves ever.

Yes, 2012, you have taught me more than I asked for. Saturn was behind you all the way, egging you on to make sure that I understood all that I needed to before 2013. As thankful as I am, I am also willing to now go wherever my soul leads. All it takes is care and purpose, and I will be eternally grateful for this much-needed transformation.



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