September 22, 2012

Bringing in Your Harvest. ~ Melanie Dawn

Harvest is the time of year where we gather the yield we planted in spring.

A lot has to happen before harvest; planting seedlings, watering, nurturing, sunning, weeding. A cycle of care we’ve learned and used to ensure that what we plant grows, and comes into full bloom and fruition.

When we plant a seed it is in darkness, literally, for some time. We cannot see anything happening underneath the soil; all is hidden so it seems. Before long we see the soil cracking open, revealing the first little sprout of new life and we rejoice seeing a physical sign our plant is growing; a first indication of bigger things to come.

We carefully weed our garden so our plantlet has freedom to develop on its path to maturation unobstructed. Now we get to sit back and watch our garden grow.

Our thoughts are much like these seeds.

We don’t always see what’s going on under the surface initially, but rest assured there is a lot happening. First, we tend to the initial thought—what do we want to grow. This creates desire to plant new seeds of growth, which in turn leads to action—planting the seeds we desire to grow according to initial thought process. Then we get to relax.

We’ve done the planning, taken necessary action, tend to our garden daily, and now we get to imagine our dreams fully matured at harvest time.

Like these seeds we grow a little each day as we take our baby steps and keep up momentum by nurturing our dreams, our seedlings.

One day we notice something physical around us has changed, giving indication that our thoughts are indeed becoming “things” in our lives. Witness the subtle changes occurring; keep preparing yourself for the complete cycle— knowing without doubt.

Harvest moon lights our way while we gather and collect everything we’ve encouraged to grow. Some years crops are better than others because of many things out of our control, but there is always some amount of crop produced.

Each year we manage what we can and leave the rest up to surrender, maybe giving way to newness of another kind, but it’s important we don’t get discouraged because personal growth is unique to us; each moment adding to the source seed planted.

By the radiance of the Harvest moon rejoice knowing you worked, nurtured and loved your seedlings into growth, even if things got tough, you did not give up.

When that huge harvest moon shows itself feel illuminated not only by its divine light but also the hope and happiness it inspires for a winter season of rest and of planning the next new seedlings to plant in spring. In the words of Neil Young:

“Because I’m still in love with you

I want to see you dance again

Because I’m still in love with you

On this harvest moon.”


Melanie Dawn, RYT 200, aka ‘Mel’ of SANGHAYOGA.CA has found there is some poetry within her after all and is happy to be able to share it with others through writing.  A lover of peace, freedom, motorcycles, big smiles and belly dancing, Yoga has been her constant conscience & guide even when she wasn’t conscious of it (thankfully!) and feeds her in ways chocolate (unfortunately) cannot satisfy.  Just playing with pose, working with breath, enjoying the harmony and spirit evoked through moving meditation brings immense pleasure. Her inspirational style of teaching accompanied by her strong yet velvety voice promotes an effortless flow in class and keeps Yogis “Reaching Higher Every Day”. 


Editor: Carolyn Gilligan

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Read 2 comments and reply

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