September 21, 2012

Channeled Inspirations from Me to You.

Humanity is one collective idea.

As a writer, I distill those ideas down into prose. There are moments when words fill me like a rushing river. In other moments, there is barely a trickle.

Sometimes, less is more.

It is with sentiment that I offer you captions that channeled through me and manifested as encouragements, adulation and creeds. I hope they inspire you as well.


I have arrived right in the middle of the fire. Some call it purification. I call it, extraordinary growing pains. Brothers and sisters, raise your voices to the sky and howl at the top of your lungs until our collective cry gathers in the clouds and rains down as shared grace. I need you all.

What is:

I am silk. I am connective tissue. I am yelling into the wind. I am being lifted into flight with a tornado of emotion. There is no solace in solitude. In my head, I can hear you screaming. Your irreverent stoicism is like being embraced by a swarm of bees. Like the columns of Roman temples, I can only guess at the majesty of what might have been. Like the depths of the ocean, I can only guess at what might be. I can hold both truths in two hands. This death is giving birth to something new. My promise is this: I will act as I am and allow for what is.


Men, thank you. Maybe I haven’t told you lately, but I adore you. You with your strong body, your big dreams and your ability to be a hero. Trust me, when I see you in all your glory, it lights me up. You motivate me. You teach me. You inspire me. And you turn me on. Keep up the good work. Love always, B.

 Rage to peace:

I want to rage against the machine; rage against the dying of the light; set fires with righteous indignation, and at the limits of fury, I will find peace.

Expect Miracles:

Take aim. Set your sights. Line up the cross hairs. We can experience the immediacy of creation with imagination. It is motivational nectar. We feed off of it. The act of touching our vision incarnate is a miraculous spectacle. Offer up your life to art. Sacrifice your ego to be penetrated with purposeful action. Manifest accordingly.

Chosen Family:

To those who have held my heart tenderly, to the ones who have offered me grace with a smile, to those who I’ve defended myself against and who have loved me all the while, you are home to me. I love you dearly. Thank you for being part of my chosen family.

Be Danced:

Ask for what you need and then be danced by your desire.

See Me:

Can we be seen without being vulnerable? Can we open up without exhaling? I want this thing inside me, this unimaginable, unexplainable and extraordinary force of nature to mean something more than just survival. No words can fully describe the incredible desire that lingers right before I ask the question, not only with my word but with my body, “Can you see me?”



Editor: Brianna Bemel


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