September 12, 2012

Dirty, Sexy Yoga. {Playlist} ~ Tiffanie DeBartolo

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Yoga & tear-the-clothes-off sex music.

You know how sometimes you and your partner like to make soft, romantic love—the kind where you gaze into each other’s eyes the whole time, feeling connected to each other and to the Universe, where everything makes sense and you understand love and life completely as you blissfully come together?

And then there are those other times when you just need your partner to rip off all your clothes, slam you up against a wall, pull your hair and make you scream?


Consider this playlist the musical equivalent of the latter.

If a yoga playlist full of songs that make you want to have rough sex is a little too edgy for you, how about using it as a reminder of all that yoga and sex have in common? You can’t reach the highest levels of either one without fully letting go, trusting and surrendering completely, or allowing yourself to be opened up as wide as you can be–and here I’m speaking spiritually more than physically–because only then can you be transformed, both in body and in mind.

And when both parties are in that same, tear-the-clothes-off-place, it certainly creates its own transcendental moment, right?

Of course not everyone will find these songs sexy, but you’ll be surprised at how well they work in an active yoga class.

Then again, if the sound of Tom Morello playing guitar doesn’t get you a little hard (see Track 12), you better check your pulse.


* * *

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