September 13, 2012

Psychic Readings & Truth.

A year ago I had a psychic reading.

I’m also psychic and give readings to other people.

Sometimes though, I need clarity when a situation is cloudy. Although, at that time, I was looking for change. I wanted to hear something would change.

I would change.

My life would change.

The weather would change.

Yup, something toward my dreams and goals.

The purpose of readings isn’t to sprinkle fairy dust; it’s to do a temperature check: am I on the same page with where I want to be in my life?

The psychic who was recommended to me, decided she was going to give me a birthday to birthday reading. As my birthday is in October and this was September.

I don’t seek out readings too often because I don’t like to influence my own thoughts and perceptions on life. If I’m in a vulnerable place, something said to me could cause me to make a different decision.

If anyone tells you to do something that you know is completely wrong for you, in every way possible, psychic or not, don’t do it.

Frankly, as a psychic, if I didn’t receive so much confirmation on the readings I give to people, I would think I was full of it too.

I’m keeping this very general, as the point isn’t what I was told by the psychic, it’s what I do with the information.

Anyway, I digress.

When I received this reading the truth of it haunted me this year, and even more interesting have been unsolicited “psychic observations.” As an example, a woman (psychic) in Ireland saw my picture on Linkedin and felt compelled to send me a note about my fortunate changes this year too.

The first psychic stated things about my personal and professional life; some of which, I did not agree with and other items sounded accurate.

What I disagreed with has happened, and some of what I agreed with has happened.

The overall picture painted was that this would be a year of change for me (and it has been a year of major change).

Many people would be exiting my life and others entering and re-entering too.

At the time, I thought who would be exiting?

My relationships both in work and personally were fairly solid.

That couldn’t happen.

It did.

The exits out of my life ended up positive for me—difficult, but they were relationships I had tethered myself to, which had hurricane warnings regularly and I had stuck it out for a long time.

I had a bad habit of believing I somehow needed to be the receptacle for other people’s sh*t. My dynamic had been shifting for years; this year, I realized I no longer wanted people in my life who didn’t take responsibility for their own lives.

Whew! And what a relief it’s been to let go of these difficult relationships, whether they were personal or professional.

I was also told, I would be dropping careers that didn’t bring me fulfillment.

I’ve been writing for years and a coach for three and a half years. I had another job to help support me (which was exhausting), at the time of the reading; I was heading up marketing for a Facebook gaming company.

Within weeks that was done too.

I’ve been on a path of awareness and inner peace for many years. At times, it’s been like a job or maybe more like I was my own project. I couldn’t get out of looking inside all the time for what was wrong with me, what my patterns were and why things always ended up in the same place despite my best efforts.

The reading said my best efforts would pay off this year.

It seems all of the energy I’ve put into creating my life will manifest!

I’ve been wondering if any of these seeds would ever grow in my garden. I’ve watered it regularly, even on days when I think I should till the soil, dig up the seeds and plant new ones.

The amazing parts of the reading haven’t truly manifested yet, and this is what I mean about “what I do with the information.”

And this is what people who say, “the psychic was full of sh*t,” may want to keep in mind. When receiving a reading, the assumption is you will keep on doing what you have been doing up until that point.

Many times, people stop or change what they are doing in anticipation of winning the lottery, meeting a partner, finding that job, etc. They stop creating and participating; they start waiting.

Some find pain in their thoughts of “why they don’t deserve” this foretold future, so in essence, they fall into a pit of despair.

It doesn’t mean something will or won’t happen; it could mean it’s delayed or now that you have changed your stance, your future path is also changed.

I know when I’ve started waiting in the past, when I wanted a relationship to manifest into a deeper, happier place, in hearing there was a future, I acted in ways that weren’t in alignment with loving myself first.

Years ago, it influenced an attitude of “The universe will bring me these opportunities,” I don’t have to do anything out of the ordinary. 

This year has been different.

The amazing fortunes I was foretold in this reading are actually my goals.

I knew these parts of my reading were completely in alignment with what I’m trying to achieve in my life.

I do more than show up; I actively participate in creating my life everyday.

I know if I’m committed to my success, the universe is too. It may not look like there’s a sign of life in my dreams coming to fruition, but I continue to enjoy, love and relish the journey.

Even days when I think everything is full of s**t.



Editor: Brianna Bemel



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