October 19, 2012

Be Cute: Support the World’s Children.

It’s a party!

elephant journal is getting together with Intent Blog, YOGANONYMOUS and you to support the children of the world!*

Sometimes we find ourselves in a situation where words are not enough and we need to demonstrate that our hearts are true—we are all joining together collectively because we feel that now is such a time.

To show that each of our votes support the children of the world and not only our own, short-term interests, we are dialing back our Facebook profile pic all the way to our baby pictures. Now, this is going to be cute.


As a participant of this event, we choose to honor our differences, by showing our support for the children of the world. In this age of amplified worldwide pain, we feel that we must make the decisions of today with the emotional intent we aim to achieve in the future if we are to be victorious.


Regardless of who you’re voting for, from now through election day, change your Facebook profile pic to a photo of yourself as a child, symbolizing that your vote is made with our children—and all future descendants at the forefront of your concerns.

If you don’t plan to procreate, you can still participate! Do it for your inner child or for a little pal that you would do anything for—and join together with those working to ensure America remains as the land where dreams are realized and ideals fulfilled.

So have fun, invite your friends, and show off your baby swag.

How Can I Participate?

1. Change your profile photo to a baby pic (can be yours or another).
2. Link to this event as your photo description, while explaining to your friends why you are doing it.
3. Share, honey, share!
4. Have a company or organization that would like to be a partner? Just let us know as a reply to this post and we’ll help make it happen.


*Want to be a partner? Just let us know. We will update the footer of this blog post to include all of the amazing groups and organizations throwing their weight behind this cause.

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Read 2 comments and reply

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