Brian Leaf’s Authentically Engaging Misadventures. {Author Interview}

Via Donna Freeman
on Oct 25, 2012
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Brian Leaf

Join guest, author Brian Leaf, live and in person as we chat about yoga, ADHD, colitis, anxiety, Kripalu and The Eight Keys to Happiness.

Brian’s new book, Misadventures of a Garden State Yogi, is a yoga memoir worth reading. Humorous and poignant, Brian offers life insights gained through pain, embarrassment, effort and eventually peace and retold with dry wit. He tells of his trials and his triumphs and along the way you root for this unlikely yogi’s every success.

Find out the why’s and how’s of this Garden State Yogi’s path and why he felt compelled to share his journey, enemas and all.

Original Air Date: October 25, 2012


Highlights include:

  • the not so sexy side of yoga
  • finding real healing for ADD
  • the beauty of Ayurveda for everyone
  • becoming most real and how it’ll change your life

Get all the details on the Misadventures of a Garden State Yogi Video Contest—you could win $250.00—entry deadline Jan 15, 2013. Good luck and have fun.

Enjoy this video of Brian practicing yoga with his sons—inspired by the Briohny Smith & Dice Iida-Klein Equinox videos.

Read reviews for Misadventures of a Garden State Yogi – one by Miri McDonal, another by Carol Horton.


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2 Responses to “Brian Leaf’s Authentically Engaging Misadventures. {Author Interview}”

  1. Brian Leaf says:

    Thanks for a great interview, Donna!

  2. D.S. says:

    This is a great interview!