November 21, 2012

Grains of Truth. ~ Candace Magnuson

Imagine God as a conscious, multi-dimensional field that pervades and binds through love all that exists.

It is the nature of our human existence to perceive ourselves as isolated individuals, yet we are inseparable from God and our skin is a permeable boundary.

Life does not flow around us but through us.

God is everywhere at all times and calls to us to witness the miracle of our lives within an understanding of the oneness of all things; there are scattered seeds lying all around us as guideposts to lead us Home.

Sometimes these seeds are brilliant, open channels of light that are known by a multitude of names; seers, sages, saints, shamans, gurus and so on. But there are grains of truth everywhere like in a flowing stream, a song, a picture, a child’s play or a loving gesture toward a stranger.

It is the ground upon which these seeds fall which determines whether they will bear fruit.

For one ready to let go the fear, hate, greed and other dramas that cloud sight, a simple book found on a friend’s bookshelf can spark an internal revolution and lead one to strike out on an arduous, uphill journey. But unprepared, one can sit at the feet of a light-bearer and see nothing beyond one’s own face.

Many times as I’ve walked I have heard shouts that there is only one path, teacher or system that can lead one to God. I have also listened to great lamentations that modern culture’s adaptation, subdivision, repackaging and marketing to the masses of ancient ideas destroys the Truth within them.

But I ask how can this be so if God lies behind all form?

Certainly to sit wide-eyed at the feet of a saint is an ideal opportunity for expansion, but does that leave without hope all who can’t afford the travel fare or are not yet able to conceptualize the difference between empty and full?

The health spa, fitness gym and bookstore are as much God’s fishing waters as churches, temples and mountain tops.

Within soil prepared with earnest yearning for Truth and steadfast resolve to endure whatever work is required to cultivate light, the smallest grain of Truth will germinate and bear fruit far greater than what was sown, no matter how “impure” the matrix in which that seed was bound.

Whether prepared or not, God seeks to reach all of us through whatever form we may be receptive.


Candace Magnuson is a college-educated housewife and mother of two small boys. She has been building a foundation for a yoga practice for some time and has earned certifications in Ayurveda and Massage Therapy.  She also dabbles a bit with the written word.



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