November 13, 2012

The One Secret to “Real” Life Satisfaction That’s Easy to Miss. ~ Eka Joti

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This one is really simple folks—one of those obvious, tip-of-the-nose things.

But, that’s the thing with tip-of-your-nose insights—they’re overlooked because you’re distracted by the attention-grabbing spectacles on top of your nose.

So often, our attention is hooked by external shiny objects.

Now, this is in itself not a bad/evil thing—reading my stuff, you’ll see that I’m not really into pointing the finger in blame and nay-saying. Focusing on iPhones or Galaxies, Prada or Prana, bootcamps or yoga, Honey Booboo or Obama, Paleo or South Beach, credit limits or stock options…all these things are essentially neutral and each uniquely valuable.

But when it comes to feeling satisfied within you own life, none of these things will be at the heart of this transformation—none of these things will ultimately matter.

I’m not very good at withholding yummy things from people, so here it is. The radical turn-around is this:

Deep and authentic satisfaction has nothing to do with outer circumstance—it has everything to do with how you’re showing up within the outer circumstance.

Specifically, satisfaction occurs when you learn how to understand your personal values and act from them. We could call this “value congruency.”

To the degree that you get clear on what is deeply important, what is inwardly resonant, what moves and affirms your values, and to the degree that you act on that in your everyday, mundane actions—this is the degree of life satisfaction you will experience.

Yes, these actions will necessarily involve those shiny objects. But the interaction with the shiny object will be a byproduct of you already acting from your inner satisfaction, not an attempt to get or create that satisfaction.

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I don’t want to drum it up any more than this, because as I said at the opening, this stuff is really simple—yet deceptively subtle.

Oh, one more thing: I’m also not so arrogant as to claim this as a new thought or insight—especially among the uncountable jewels here on elephant. It’s just that I know we humans can be a bit forgetful from time to time, especially of the obvious. So why not hear it again—yet hear it for the first time in this unique configuration. Every drop counts.

And please, speak your mind. What’s your experience with the mechanisms of real life satisfaction?

With love,
Eka, aka SuperSpark


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