November 15, 2012

Weekly Inspiration: The Whole World Is Healing.

The whole world is healing. We just have to give it (and everyone) a chance.

So one night full of wine drinking, yoga discussing and a recent shoulder surgery, I decided to figure life out.

I told my friends of my philosophy on different styles of people. At first, I started to explain what had helped me get through college. When I did not understand why certain people acted certain ways, or did certain things or dressed certain ways, I was always confused. I wondered why people did these stereotypical actions. I had moved from the country to the big city of Austin and quickly learned that what was important to me may not have been as important to other people. So my confusion led to anger. And let me tell you. I am hardly angry.

So, I had to figure something out. I told my friends what I had figured out was to give people an excuse. “This is their ‘religion’.” It helped me so much. When I would see someone that acted a certain way or talked a certain way that I felt was unnecessary, I would say, “Well this is just the way they were raised. This is all they know. This is what they’re used to and this is just how they are. This is basically their religion.”

I no longer was confused as to why these cliques of groups were all dressing the same way, or talking about the same things or caring about things I would have never been interested in.

Now, to try to make a long story short, that one night while I’m explaining this Melanie theory, I soon have the realization that “giving someone an excuse” was actually putting myself above these other people. That is the last thing I want to do as my present person now. So I realize, people are on their way to healing.

I realized this when I was talking about my shoulder and how I was learning to do everything with one arm, but I realized, at least my arm is on it’s way to healing. I will have it again. Some people don’t ever have their arms or legs, or whatever.

There is a process that we are all going through throughout our lives and we cannot rush or force evolution. So not giving people excuses and not thinking things need to be a certain way, gives you the time to respect and appreciate the present moment. Just seeing what is, and not trying to figure it out. It just is. It is just all a process of healing.

Healing has no levels, it just keeps going and growing.

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