November 9, 2012

We’re Not All. {Poem} ~ Jyoti Wind

We’re not all

friends of the local yogini,

purveyors of exotic chocolates,

drinkers of the latest chai

who hang out at the downtown

oxygen bar.

We don’t all

hike straight uphill

each morning,

nor scale rocks and drive Nissan Leafs.

We don’t all seek hypnotherapists,

confessors or coaches.

Some of us are regular people

who could be living anywhere,

and choose to live here,

a new age town on the edge

of the latest trends…

the next amino acid

isolated for your longevity.

The next running shoe

that guarantees marathon wins,

the next yoga pant that breathes as deeply

as you can,

the next caffeine fix or testosterone release

that mingles with rarified air

from living so high.

So getting high

is a past time here,

whether smoking, drinking,

climbing or driving.

Welcome to Boulder, Colorado!

Jyoti Wind is an astrologer and writer. She has self-published six books: poetry, meditation and prayers; a childhood memoir; and several anthologies. Her new book, The Creative Arc: An Anthology on Writing, will be available this month, Nov. 2012. A mother, grandmother and great grandmother, she lives in Boulder, CO. You can reach her at [email protected].


Editor: Jamie Morgan

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