A Year of Great Yoga & Music. {Playlist}

Via Tiffanie DeBartolo
on Dec 20, 2012
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Photo: Barry Silver
Bright Antenna yogis…someday. [Photo: Barry Silver]

The Best of 2012!

Tuesday’s Bright Antenna yoga class was the last session of the year due to next week’s holiday. So, I compiled a handful of my favorite songs of 2012 for this week’s playlist. It is by no means a comprehensive list of all the songs I have loved this year, but it’s an hour’s worth of great music that has moved me over the last twelve months.

This month also marks one year since Bright Antenna Records has been practicing yoga together. And I thought it would be cool to let some of the team members express for themselves what it’s meant to them. Here goes:

Cielle:  In-office yoga has given me an excuse to work on my strength and flexibility, with no excuse not to because it was during work hours on a meeting day when we definitely had to be in the office! It’s great to have a way to be healthy and de-stress so accessible, and to hang out with coworkers in a non-work environment each week.

Nick:   I credit it for a nearly 30 point drop in my blood pressure and it gets everyone all blissed out before our team meeting. It keeps me balanced, both physically and mentally, and going without yoga for a period of time means I find myself scattered, distracted and restless. I believe it builds inner strength of mind as well as body.

Scott:  It has meant a thankful body that feels two inches taller afterwards; a thankful, more relaxed mind; some serious laughs among the team during each yoga session; and more productive team meetings right afterwards.

Kaitlin:  Yoga keeps me balanced, both physically and mentally. Going without yoga for a period of time means I find myself scattered, distracted and restless. I believe it builds inner strength of mind as well as body.

Braden:  I really look forward to Tuesday yoga with my BA family.  It has really shaped me to be more fearless and given me more confidence. I wish we could do this twice a week.

Assuming the Mayans were wrong, we’ll see you in 2013!


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One Response to “A Year of Great Yoga & Music. {Playlist}”

  1. kmacku says:

    I remember hearing Love Interruption for the first time and thinking, "This would be really difficult in a class, but man, for personal practice, or a really advanced practice where the teacher doesn't have to demonstrate…"