Chasing Ice: a Short Interview with Director Jeff Orlowski.

Via Cayte Bosler
on Dec 21, 2012
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Jeff Orlowski has been picking up so many awards his arms must be tired.

Most recently, the International Press Academy award in Los Angeles, a proud accomplishment for the Boulder based team. There’s no sign of this trend stopping as the Chasing Ice team continues to travel around the globe.

National Geographic photographer James Balog’s Extreme Ice Survey documented photos of glaciers as they sat, melted, sat some more, melted and then in remarkable, swift movements—broke off to join the sea. The time-lapse camera system was uniquely innovated for this project. Jeff began tagging along with Balog on his grueling larks to film both the narrative of a man with uncomprimising passion, and the story of ice. The film took the crew to the far reaches of the earth, and back.

Jeff describes a moment of watching an iceberg calving—a sudden breaking away of a mass of ice—and witnessing this with one other person. That makes him one of how many people on earth today to witness such an event? From that to the red carpets of Los Angeles, he continues to traverse the world’s cold corners and bustling cities in hopes to spread the word about a movie that has stimulated important discussion.

Recently I interviewed Jeff Orlowski in a rare moment of down time.

Click here to listen to the interview.


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