Ethiopian Yogic Poetry. {Video}

Via The Global Yogini
on Dec 2, 2012
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Since I met you
I fell for your mountains
Brushstrokes of greens
Warm breezes
And bright sunshines.

Yoga art was born
Surrounded by fascinating beings.
The prana flowed
With hearts bursting new inspirations.

Almond shaped eyes
Contagious smiles
Observed my walking
And questioned where my dancing came from.

Among monolithic rocks
They built an underground theater
Souls appeared with turbans
Carrying survival
And performing medieval scenes.

The spongy injera
The creamy avocado
And the art of vegetable colors
Were natural honey delights.

Thanks Emily.

Yoga, Art, Culture
The Ethiopian authenticity
Were ingredients of pure bliss.


Ed: Bryonie Wise

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About The Global Yogini

Carolina Daza is a multi-faceted artist and globe-trotter spreading her love for yoga and the arts in a uniquely creative way. She completed her 500HR Ashtanga Yoga teacher training (Yoga Alliance) in Paris with Gérald Disse & Linda Munro at Ashtanga Yoga Paris and has been leading retreats for numerous years. Carolina has a Master's in Contemporary Arts from the Université Paris VIII and completed a second Master's of Arts at New York University (NYU). While her studies at NYU, she lived at the Bhakti Center prime ashram in the Lower East Side of Manhattan together with her teacher Divya Alter, founder of the Bhagavat Life. Carolina has studied with senior level Ashtanga Yoga teachers such as Chuck Miller, Ron Reid, David Garrigues and Kino MacGregor. Besides her artistic projects, she is also part of a worldwide community of creative wellness, organizing Yoga journeys and workshops around the globe. Currently she is based in Medellín, Colombia.


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