December 20, 2012

Forgotten Writers Short Story Competition. ~ Mahmoud Mansi

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The Forgotten Writers is a nonprofit foundation located in Egypt and founded after the Egyptian revolution with the aim to create democracy through literature.

Currently, it is offering its second short story competition on the topic of women’s domination.

The aim of this competition is to measure how different cultures and genders define having free, dominant and powerful women in their society. An analysis will be written on this theme and published with the winning stories.

So far, we do not want any kind of funding and we do not pay for publicity. Our guidelines are simply posted on our blog, just to prove that a powerful social idea does not need money to survive, spread and affect people.

Our projects discuss the problems of our world through art, because art unites people. In the end, politics and art have always inspired one another and one will not survive without the other.

Detailed Guidelines

The first competition had the theme of “Resurrection of Ancient Egypt,” and we are proud to have had Sea of Words and Penguin Award winners as participants.

Official Results of the first competition, along with quotes from each writer.

Currently we are working on publishing the foundation’s first book and translating the winning stories into Arabic, to be published in Egypt.


Samples of articles published on this Event:

Democracy Chronicles – New York 

Kenya – London 



MSN Pakistan 

MSN India 

Time Out Beirut – Lebanon 

Time Out Melbourne – Australia 

Lip Magazine – Australia / Interview 

Ovi Magazine – Finland 

Sugar Street Review – UK 

The North Africa Journal 

Egypt Today 

People With Voices 

Afridiziak – African / Caribbean Theatre 

Angie’s Diary 


Mahmoud Mansi, an Alexandrian writer who studied business all his life, Bachelor Degree in Finance and a Masters Degree in Marketing, and at the same time very passionate about art and nature. He discovered his talent of writing when he turned 16 and started writing in English with a goal to deliver the power of Egyptian philosophy abroad. Meanwhile as he won some awards in both writing and business, he started to blend between both extremes and formed a foundation called “The Forgotten Writers” during the revolution.

The aim of this foundation is to empower Egyptian literature abroad and to inspire global literature, by releasing its own international story competitions on social topics and problems facing the world.

Mansi believes that each kind of art affects us in a very unique way, and this way reflects upon our personal lives, thus by time he learns to perform and experience new talents. He published many articles and short stories, yet his only book A Journey from Darkness to Light was the seed of his inspiration.


Ed. Caroline Scherer


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