I’m Sad: A Healthy Part of a Balanced Life.

Via Kelli Harrington
on Dec 16, 2012
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In light of it all, not just this recent tragedy, all of it…. I’m sad that we are so divided.

I’m sad that we are so rich, yet so poor.

I’m sad that we don’t have healthcare for all.

I’m sad that we kill the innocent.

I’m sad that we are so greedy.

I’m sad that the one percent clearly don’t care.

I’m sad we have forgotten about the power of compromise.

I’m sad we are 14th to 25th in the world for education.

I’m sad that we okay GMOs.

I’m sad that innocent children die.

I’m sad that we don’t talk anymore.

I’m sad that we don’t take climate change seriously.

I’m sad that prison is an industry.

I’m sad that we glorify Hollywood.

I’m sad that equity is still an issue.

I’m sad that we are so greedy.

I’m sad that we have to worry about basic human needs like food, shelter, healthcare and education.

I’m sad that families struggle everyday to make ends meet.

I’m sad that there is unemployment.

I’m sad that politicians say they care and really don’t because they are already set for life.

I’m sad that dignity, pride and basic human decency are characteristics of the past.

I’m sad that real leadership does not exist.

I’m sad that we have become so apathetic as a culture.

I’m sad that we are so fearful of one another.

I’m sad that we don’t talk. I’m sad that we shout instead.

I’m sad that we don’t trust one another anymore.

I’m sad that we don’t take responsibility.

I’m sad that so many feel entitled.

I’m sad that there is hatred, bigotry and prejudice.

I’m sad that all we do is spend on things that matter the least.

I’m sad that compassion and patience with and for one another is only center stage during tragedy.

I’m sad that truly evil people in the world exist and that I have to admit that to be so.

I’m sad that people listen to Fox News and believe it to be the truth.

I’m sad that we were made to believe that the American Dream was a house, a car, a fence and a family when in reality it is a pile of debt that most will never come out from under. hope

I’m sad that those who fight for us have to.

I’m sad that many are no longer proud to be U.S. citizens.

I’m sad that we care more about money and wealth then we do about one another’s dreams.

I’m sad that obesity is an epidemic that will kill us off as a species if we don’t do something now.

I’m sad that we have looked for quick health fixes for over 35 years only to find out we enriched pharmaceutical companies.

I’m sad that people lie and struggle with honesty.

I’m sad that we can’t admit we are wrong or say that we are sorry.

I’m sad that we have forgotten how to love and trust.

I’m sad that we may have lost hope.

I’m sad that I feel helpless and question what to do next.

Help me not feel this way—please—I am on the road to balance again.


Ed: Kate B.

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Dr. Kelli Harrington is a teacher trainer, a yoga teacher and co-founder of ZenSpot, Inc.--Hot Yoga, Human Empowerment and Feng Shui design company dedicated to creating positive life balance for mind, body, and spirit. Harrington is also the co-founder of the ZenSpot Institute, a yoga teacher training facility and online education school dedicated to certifying high quality yoga teachers and wellness change-agents. As a certified fitness trainer, Ayurvedic lifestyle and weight management specialist, stress management and life coach, Reiki Master and wellness leader, Kelli spends her days running her business in service to others. As a vegan, EdTech geek, social media junkie, entrepreneur, activist, and environmentalist Harrington earned a doctorate in Educational Organizational Development and Leadership from the University of San Francisco; two Masters degrees at Teachers College, Columbia University and Pace University respectively. ZenSpot, Inc., is based in Oregon with facilities in both Portland and Eugene.


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