Try Throwing with Your Other Hand. {Video} ~ Sally Schneider

Via Sally Schneider
on Dec 19, 2012
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men throwing rocks with the other hand

An easy exercise in mindful presence.

This video of guys throwing with their “other hand” is both hilarious and curiously illuminating. It’s really funny how cockeyed and off-aim throwing with the other hand makes them.

But intentionally switching handedness—or any practice we do routinely—can be a kind of training. It forces you to be present, see things differently and engages different parts of the brain.

I’ve found that writing with the “other hand” produces a very different kind of writing: wilder, more personal, another voice within ourselves.

It’s just another way of waking ourselves up.



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About Sally Schneider

Sally Schneider is the creator of ‘the improvised life’, a virtual laboratory of found ideas from a variety of fields-- art, technology, cooking, music--that inspire creative solutions to even the most mundane daily questions. She has worked as a journalist, food writer, editor, syndicated columnist, radio commentator, teacher, stylist, small-space consultant and professional chef; she once wrangled 600 live snails for an Irving Penn photograph. You can check out more of her improvisational work in her award-winning cookbooks, A New Way to Cook and The Improvisational Cook.


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