December 19, 2012

Will Life as We Know It End This Week?

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The last great shift was over 600,000 years ago.

Perhaps, to many people, the idea of shifting from a masculine outlook to a feminine perspective is catastrophic. Truthfully, who among us likes to surrender power and authority?

According to the indigenous wisdom keepers, the last large 28,000-year cycle has been overshadowed by the masculine. Commonly accepted masculine traits include strength, logic, home-building, ambition, outspokenness, assertiveness—basically, being the one who provides.

In this model, being assertive and self-sufficient are symbols of success. Outward signs of this ideal appear as large homes, multiples cars, larger corporations, and staunch capitalism. Inherent in this cosmology is a lack of regard for how related we are to every other living thing in the universe. This type of thinking is now being challenged.

December 2012 is the end of the Mayan Calendar. Was this intentional, or did they run out of room on the rock? Many indigenous peoples believe that we are awaiting a polarity flip in the magnetic field, and this Pachakuti (according to Q’ero lore, Pacha means Earth, Kuti means to turn over) is directly related to moving into a time when we move toward a feminine vantage point.

According to NASA, the earth has gone through many shifts without major disaster, but the last great shift was over 600,000 years ago, so it is hard to know. Survivalists and doomsday advocates use this information to create fear—selling a great deal of dried food—and maintain control of their followers.

My indigenous teachers have suggested that with this shift could come a period of darkness as the world rights itself and creates a new alignment. With the notion of the feminine comes the return to the unknown darkness of the womb. As we emerge into this new feminine, we are sourcing from a place of the mother.

Think about mothers. They are warm, compassionate, relational and intuitive homemakers. Mothers would not send their babies to war, and would never deliberately harm their offspring with chemicals and other life-threatening systems.

Friends, we are already here. Like the earth’s magnetic field, we did not arrive overnight to this change. Think back six years ago to the initial release of the movie The Secret. Many early adopters shook their heads in disbelief as the movie made its debut world-wide, as did the pioneers leading the cause.

However, what did turn our heads was the mass movement toward a greater awakening. In the moment, as people opened their eyes, the shift continued to gain momentum, which mirrored the speeding up of the earth spin and axis shift. As people came to commonly accept that form follows thought, the world was indeed shifting as well.

So, here we are at the doorway of the unknown. No differently than at the birth of a child, whose disposition and personality will be discovered over time, we are waiting. There is one thing that remains clear; our earth is showing us signs of wear. Recently, the deluge of tears shed over the East Coast was a major cleansing. For the last few years, the earth has been demanding our attention, like a baby whose diaper needs changing. This is clear, and will be part of this great awakening.

Another important element of this shift is that that which has been hidden is being birthed into the light, like a child emerging from the womb. The internet has offered us the ability to share information and create world-wide community. Every mother knows it takes a community to raise a child.

For money-hungry business, the end is drawing near. Over the last decade, we have seen many businesses fail, or be brought to their knees, as we are able to share information at unprecedented speeds, allowing us to make informed, connected decisions and respond from our emotional selves, all traits of the feminine.

Do I believe we are at the edge of doomsday? No. I believe the opposite—that we are righting what is no longer working. We are grieving the loss of our American Dream with tears of sorrow and joy. Our self worth is replacing our net worth. Values, once again, are being placed on right relationship and reciprocity. Yes, for some this looks like death and doomsday, but hopefully they will wake up again soon.

~ Editor: Thandiwe Ogbonna

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