A Letter from My Future Self. ~ Monica Johnson

Via Monica Johnson
on Jan 5, 2013
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During this past week, as my last semester of my undergrad career came to a close, I have felt a mix of emotions.

For many years, school had given me a structure that I had designed my life around. Now that it was coming to an end, I was uncertain what my future held.

Our society encourages us to self-medicate with a look, a product or a person that will give us what we need. But what if it’s true that we already possess everything we need?

With that thought, I turned inwards and imagined what my future self would say to my present self.

I know you are totally freaked out right now. I know you doubt yourself and you don’t know if you will be able to live the dream life you envision. In fact, I know you’re not even sure what that dream life looks like, but you know you haven’t reached it yet.

You want more, and that’s okay. You deserve it, though I know you don’t always think you do.

You’re on the right track.

I know it’s not always easy, but it will be worth it, I promise!

I know you’ve struggled with the past, but you are trying to set things straight now. I am so proud of you. I know you fail, and often I must remind you of your many successes. I am here to pick you up when you are down. I am the shoulder for you to cry on.  When things are going well, I will help you celebrate and teasingly say, “I told you so!”

I am your best friend and your confidant. I have your back and will always be there when you need me.  I have seen you at your worst and your best and I still think you are a wonderful person. I love you unconditionally and there is nothing you could do that would make me think otherwise.

You don’t think you can, but you can. You don’t think you are talented, but your talent is ready to be used. You don’t think you are good enough, but you are magnificent.

You don’t think you are ready, but the time is right…now! Together, we will design an amazing, fulfilling life that we can be proud of.

While not everyone is graduating from college right now, this is a time of year when we tend to take stock of our successes and failures. We tend to focus on our shortcomings, often beating ourselves up or looking for unhealthy ways to feel better.

Instead of doing this, I encourage you to turn inwards and know that you already have everything you need. What would your future self say to your present self?


Monica JohnsonMonica Johnson is proud to call New York City her home, though she equally loves Mount Desert Island, Maine. In an ideal world, she would split her time between the two.  She also loves hiking and puppies.




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About Monica Johnson

Monica is Co-Conspirator at Hudson Farms, located in far East, Texas. Monica is currently using 2014 to build the farm's soil and experiment, but looks forward to selling nutrient-dense fruits, vegetables and value-added products made from local ingredients in the Spring of 2015. When she's not farming she's probably in the kitchen cooking healthy meals, enjoying a glass of wine, or listening to the St. Louis Cardinals baseball broadcast. To connect with Monica visit http://monicajohnson.pressfolios.com, follow her on Twitter: @broccolimojo, or on Instagram: MonicaMarvels


18 Responses to “A Letter from My Future Self. ~ Monica Johnson”

  1. Alex says:

    This is beautiful Monica!! I think you're on the right path too 🙂

  2. monicamjohnson says:

    Thanks, Alex!!

  3. Allie says:


  4. Kerry says:

    We should all write one of these letters!

  5. Mark says:

    Words to live by! Inspiring too. Thanks.

  6. monicamjohnson says:

    Thank-you Allie!

  7. monicamjohnson says:

    You are welcome to "steal" mine and make it your own!!

  8. monicamjohnson says:

    Thank-you Mark!

  9. b larson says:

    guess i missed reading this when you needed some likes but well done…

  10. b larson says:

    your articles are always inspirational saw it on your Fb where i see it was well received

  11. phil says:

    I wish someone was there to tell me this when I graduated college, twenty-plus years ago. And that I’d had sense to listen and believe it! Bravo!

  12. gotham girl says:

    Hi Monica: I so enjoyed your letter! I have a blog (Gotham Girl Chronicles/Photography) and would love to showcase your letter. Especially since you're from "my" city, ha! Please advise if that would be ok! Thank you! (www.gothamgirlphotography.com)

  13. frameshiftcoaching says:

    This is a beautiful post… because older me almost always looks back on younger me with compassion, sympathy, and wisdom. So why not channel older me right now?

  14. monicamjohnson says:

    Thank-you B Larson!

  15. monicamjohnson says:

    Hi Gotham Girl-
    I'm glad you enjoyed my letter! Yes!!! Please fee free to re-post on your blog… just be sure to give EJ credit and include a link to the original posting on EJ

  16. monicamjohnson says:

    Yes! I'm working on that 🙂

  17. Gloria says:

    Well done, Monica! That was great 🙂

    I don't think you are mad at all! As a life coach, I do this exercise quite often with some of my clients: a visualization through which they travel to their childhood first, seeing themselves as a 7 years old: doing all the things they used to do, the games they used to play, the dreams they had… Then a quick journey to the future so they can see themselves at 80. Afterwards, coming out of it, I ask them to write two letters: one is written by their 7 years old, another one by their future 80 years old self. Those two versions of the same person can write anything on that letter: advices, encouragement, solutions,… I keep the letters and a few weeks after, when I feel it is the right time, I post them to the person who wrote them. So far they all said that it is an amazing experience and that the messages are just what they need at the time 🙂

    All the best for your brand new future ahead! xxxx

  18. monicamjohnson says:

    I love your 2 letter exercise! Thank-you for sharing that!