A Rainy Night and Red Lipstick. {Poem}

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on Jan 21, 2013
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A rainy night and red lipstick

Red shoes and rainy lips

A kiss, a sweet and beautiful kiss

Warm mouths on this misty eve

Tender, natural, and extraordinary

Souls careless, aside, faraway

Internal fire and an easy drizzle

An empty alley, a newspaper stand, wet cigarette butts

Bliss and shivers in a damp city

Truth in essence, timeless, surrounds

Streetlights and dirty puddles

Two lovers under a red moon

Soft lips, tongues sampling, teasing, exploring

A loverʼs flavor, thrilling and distinct

Cold hands and cozy hearts

A slow train, a transvestite, a marred vodka ad

The experience of unity

The touch of another

The experience of breath

To return love

To feel a soul

To feel a soul

There is only the now, forever, eternity

Red nails and a black dress

Chocolate, wine, and mints

A late hour and slippery sidewalks

A burgundy umbrella, no taxi

Two warm hearts and a bitter wind

Heaven, open up, let it pour

A loose button and a red camisole

A tighter embrace, a deeper kiss

The soul carried in breath

A universal exchange

Hot skin and damp clothes

Let it rain; let it rain

Love and a kiss; let it rain

A 24-hour coffee shop, two barking dogs, a soggy newspaper

A loverʼs embrace

Giving and receiving

Shedding oneʼs skin; letting the other in

Last call, a wailing ambulance, a padlocked bakery

Two small figures, radiance in a showery city

A hot kiss and a polka dot bra

Stormy delights

A rainy night and red lipstick

Love abounds.


Nicole WeinbergerYale Weinberger writes poems about love and its beautiful colors and flavors in sexual expression. She thinks anyone who has been in love and has had a craving or longing can relate to her words. Her words relate to the ultimate expression and the beauty of passion and appetite. With love, she hopes you enjoy her words and they reach your heart and all the right places.


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Ed: Lynn Hasselberger
Asst. Ed: Evan Livesay

Source: glamour-photos.org via Sandra on Pinterest


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5 Responses to “A Rainy Night and Red Lipstick. {Poem}”

  1. Martin says:

    After reading this piece, I stood on my porch, where the temperature is -6º and felt no cold. That's how powerful this poem is.

  2. Nicole Weinberger says:

    Wowza! Thanks, Martin. I'm so happy this poem warmed you. 😉

  3. Heather says:

    Incredible. I Love it!

  4. Nicole Weinberger says:

    Thanks, Heather! I appreciate that. You might enjoy some of my others, like "To Taste You".

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