January 4, 2013

Boulder Police Officer poaches Trophy Elk downtown for meat, horns, lies, breaks laws & fails to file report.

Update: more on the relationship of the neighborhood and the behavior of the elk, via the Daily Camera.

Update: officers placed on paid leave (paid vacation?) pending internal investigation. Let’s keep the heat on. {Daily Camera}

So wrong on so many (alleged at this point) counts: it’s illegal to hunt within City bounds, it took them an hour and a half to get the body into a friend’s pickup truck, without tags, they took it home for their own meat and likely to sell the horns (trophy animals are worth mucho bucks), they posed for photos…share this if you agree and put on your Facebook wall:

If all is substantiated,

Fire these Officers & Charge all Involved.

they are not worthy of our Police Department, and they were neither serving nor protecting when they killed this noble beast that had visited the neighborhood for years.

Two Boulder police officers are the subject of both an internal investigation by the police department and a criminal investigation by Colorado Parks and Wildlife after they shot a large bull elk in Mapleton Hill but apparently did not report it to anyone.

According to Boulder police, one officer shot the animal while on patrol, and another officer who was off-duty took it home for the meat.

For the full story, well-reported by the Daily Camera, click here. Also, two videos.

Bonus: hunting is not evil. Hunting with respect is, well, respectful.

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Read 3 comments and reply

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