Straight From the Heart: Bryan Adams Does Yoga. {Playlist}

Via Tiffanie DeBartolo
on Jan 9, 2013
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Bryan Adams
Photo: Marco Maas

He may not be hipster cool, but, damn, can he write a hook!

Last week’s yoga playlist was way cool. Hipster cool, to be exact. This week, I felt the need to balance out all that uber-coolness  with one of my old favorites, an artist some people find decidedly uncool. The one and only Bryan Adams. Yes, I said Bryan, not Ryan. The raspy-voiced, Canadian singer/songwriter/guitarist (and also highly accomplished photographer), now in his mid-fifties. Though I must say, he doesn’t look a day over 30—I know this because I saw him do a two-hour acoustic set at the Warfield in San Francisco a couple of years ago. He didn’t look much different than when I saw him open for Journey in 1983. He just dresses better now.

Cool or not cool, the guy didn’t miss a note on stage, his songs stand the test of time, and every one he played that night was a hit. But even his deep tracks, a few of which are on this playlist, have catchy hooks, unforgettable melodies, perfect choruses, and bridges so good I dare say he’s like an 80s version of Murph* from The Wombats. (*Shameless plug alert: Every once in a while I need to throw in a mention of a Bright Antenna band, and no one writes a chorus or a bridge like Murph!)

If you think you’re too cool to admit you like Bryan Adams, this playlist might cut you like a knife, but trust me, it will feel so right. Ha Ha.


* * *

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