February 5, 2013

In Lieu of Valentine’s Day, 4 Ways to Change your Love Luck!

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Relationship Direction and Peach Blossom Method for Meeting a New Partner

Anytime you’re experiencing highs and lows with your love life, relationships with friends, families, clients or co-workers, this is an indication that something is off energetically.

When the energy in your home or business supports you, there will be a plethora of dating opportunities and invitations to go out and socialize with friends, family, possibly co-workers and clients too.

Remember, it takes time to find the right person. Utilize the technique and give it some time, at least a few months. Also, make sure that you’re legitimately taking action towards your goal of dating and meeting a new partner. That means that you actually have to leave your house and put yourself out there.

Shocking, I know, in this digital age of people sitting behind a computer and not wanting to go out and experience the world.

You need a digital compass in order to get this right. Using an iphone or ipad compass is preferable. Also, make sure to give this 3 months to see changes. Most people see changes immediately, but just in case, give it 3 months. Here’s some simple ways to do this:

> Start sleeping with your head to your relationship direction.

>At home, when you’re watching tv or spending long periods of time sitting down, face your relationship direction.

> Lastly, start walking in and out of doors, whether in your home or office that face your relationship direction, exclusively.

To find your Gua number, based on your birth date, go here. Please make sure that if you’re born January 1st—February 4th, you use the previous year as your year of birth, because the Chinese Lunisolar calendar doesn’t begin until, Lichun (Spring in East Asia), February 4th.

If you’re born February 5th—December 31st, then use the year you were born to find your Gua number. Once you find your Gua number, go here to find your +70 (Yen Nien) relationship direction.

One more method to get romance going is by utilizing the Peach Blossom method.

A peach blossom is a flower and the Chinese refer to this as the love flower and it conotates a beautiful woman; it also relates to romance and sexual energy.

Placing a square vase full of water and beautiful flowers at a specific degree in the bedroom, based on the animal year in which you were born, can bring another mate, lover or person of interest into your life.

If you were born before February 4th in any given year, use the previous year. (Feng Shui is based on the Chinese Lunisolar Calendar.)

Keep the flowers fresh and the vase full of clean water—you might have to buy new flowers every week. This technique is simple and easy to use but it may take up to 90 days to see results.

Remember, this is a method that is used to attract a new romantic partner to your life, and it is not designed to bring harmony to those relationships in trouble; there are other techniques for that.

It is best for single people looking for new love interests, women waiting for a marriage proposal, or singles looking to increase their power to attract. Before you activate your Peach Blossom, make sure there are no married people in the house that share the same Peach Blossom as you do, this may cause affairs.

I utilize the Peach Blossom technique when I can’t situate my clients in their best direction for relationships. It’s not as powerful as the relationship direction but I have seen good results with this technique.

Once you find the correct Chinese animal year, in which you were born, look at the chart below to find the exact 15 degrees of your Peach Blossom.

You will need a simple compass to find the 15 degrees that is your actual Peach Blossom. Keep in mind, every room of the house has an East, West, South, etc.—this technique is best used in the bedroom.

Place the square vase full of water and flowers on the degrees indicated below that reflect your Peach Blossom.

The Animal Year You Were Born In Peach Blossom to Attract Romance(Direction or Location)
Tiger, Horse or Dog Rabbit (East) between 82 to 97 degrees
Snake, Rooster or Ox Horse (South) between 172 to 187 degrees
Monkey, Rat or Dragon Rooster (West) 262 to 277 degrees
Pig, Rabbit or Goat Rat (North) 352 to 7 degrees



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