What one little girl did for her birthday party to inspire hundreds of other boys & girls.

Via Waylon Lewis
on Feb 16, 2013
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Via Reddit: “I work at an animal shelter; a young girl named Emma asked for all her presents at her birthday party to be food/toys for the animals at the shelter instead of toys for her…look at what she gave us today!!!

Not: click above or below to read the helpful, inspiring and wise comments on Reddit (esp. what kind of donations are best for shelters).

Emma’s Birthday Party Invitation:

All the donations (Emma in center)


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5 Responses to “What one little girl did for her birthday party to inspire hundreds of other boys & girls.”

  1. Julie Cool says:

    It is so sweet to see our children growing up in this community. They learn to care, they are compassionate, concerned about others and very generous. I feel we are so lucky to have such a great community here in Boulder that supports our children's evolution. They always excel beyond us, if we allow them to marvel and teach us.

  2. Kim says:

    My daughter has been involved with animal rescue since she was 2. For her 6,7 and 8 th bd, she asked for no gifts only donations to a shelter we picked out in AZ. For her 9th bd, she did Locks of Love and cut over 22′ of her hair off to donate ( she asked to do this). For her 10th bd, all she wanted was a trip to Disneyland. We saved and planned for the trip.

    She then saw a dog who was severely injured in Georgia, ( we live in NV now). She asked if she gave up her trip to Disneyland could we use the money to adopt the injured chocolate lab? We brought him to NV and she did give up her trip to Disneyland to save this dog from a shelter.

    Yesterday we saw a young, homeless couple with 2 puppies. She asked if we could get them all some food and water.

    She was also a victim of horrible bullying which did a lot of damage, luckily not to her sweet and generous heart.

    It all comes down to good parenting. She makes us proud everyday and hope she continues to help in any way she can. Hopefully we will get to Disneyland soon!

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