Yoga’s 2013 What’s In & What’s Out List.

Via Peg Mulqueen
on Feb 4, 2013
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Source: via Patti on Pinterest

Toughen up, butter cup.

A rising army of yogis are now turning their drishti away from the spiraling yoga pop-stars and back to old fashioned discipline and hard work.

Perhaps with a little more tapas—Lance didn’t need to be on anything but a bike.

In any case, based on my own objective and without-a-doubt statistically reliable data gathered from my own Facebook and Twitter feed, here’s yoga’s out/in list for 2013:

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Ed: Lynn Hasselberger


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With a gentle warmth and contagious sense of humor, Peggy shares her passion of life and love with all those she meets. She was a counselor for many years before stumbling upon one of the oldest forms of healing therapies: yoga. Since then, she has been helping others lead lives of change and renewal, exploration and—all from a yoga mat. When not on her mat, Peggy (her husband and two children close at hand) can be found on a surf board in Maui—learning to fall off gracefully and get back up, or suspended 500 feet in the air on a zip line over a Costa Rican jungle—conquering her fear of heights, or searching for the perfect cast, fly fishing in the wilder places of Montana. You can follow her adventures in yoga on her blog here.


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