A Scientific Approach to our Yoga Practice. ~ Nina Mel

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on Mar 27, 2013
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Exploring the connection between our intention & our yoga practice.

This sponsored post comes via Nina Mel of N-Code Yoga.

For a long time scientists believed that 98% of our DNA “text” is not used in the coding of proteins and enzymes. Since it is not responsible for constructing our basic physical form, its purpose remained unknown for 15 years, and scientists called it “Junk DNA.” But the recent breakthrough revealed that “junk“ is in fact crucial to the way our genome works.

This great result was achieved by the researchers from the International project ENCODE (Encyclopedia of DNA Elements). 442 scientists, situated in 32 institutes around the world, including Britain, USA, Spain, Singapore and Japan began to work on this project in 2003. They used 300 years of computer time and five years in the lab to get their results.

Their main purpose was to study the human genome deeper, and they now declare that DNA is more active and multifunctional than it was previously believed. As one of the participants of ENCODE Bernie Evan from Cambridge says: “…the term “junk DNA” can now be sent to the trash.”

But even in late 1990s, a team of Russian linguists led by Dr. Peter Gariaev discovered that the genetic code in “junk” DNA follows uniform grammar and usage rules virtually identical to those of human language. It turns out that the “junk” was laden with the intimations of intelligence, purpose and meaning.

One of the basic assumptions made by the Dr. Gariaev team is that “the genome has a capacity for quasi-consciousness so that DNA “words” produce and help in recognition of semantically meaningful phrases.” Because the structures of DNA base pairs and of language are so similar, we can alter our own genetics by simply using words and sentences, as has been experimentally proven.

nina mel n-code yoga practice science

This finally explains why affirmations, hypnosis, conscious commands and intention have such strong effects on humans and their bodies and minds.

Another scientist, cell biologist Dr. Glenn Rein, discovered experimentally that people with coherent electrocardiograms could wind or unwind DNA samples at will, while those with incoherent heart energy could not. In these experiments, simply feeling positive, love-based emotions was not enough to affect the DNA samples: “the intent to alter them had to be present.”

“Love-based emotions stimulate DNA to decompress so that messenger RNA can access codes for healing. Joy, gratitude and love accompanied with intention unwind or decompress DNA exposed to them.” Negative emotional states—anger, fear and similar emotions have the power to contract a DNA molecules, compressing the DNA helix, “severely limiting access to genetic information necessary for healing as well as evolution.”

The effects of focused intention have nonetheless been studied using both physical (Jahn and Dunne, 1986) and biological systems (Braud, 1989). A parallel investigation of conscious intention on biological systems falls under the auspices of healing research where investigators have demonstrated that various types of healers who use intention can produce biological effect (Benor, 1990).

The experiments conducted by Rein in 1992 were intended to study and compare the biological effects of different images, thoughts and intentions. The healer, Leonard Laskow, attained different states of consciousness working with intention. These various experiments showed that under the same experimental conditions some intentions were more biologically active than others.

These results indicate that focused human intention can influence the DNA synthesis. It was also demonstrated that intention was a critical component of the states of consciousness which produced biological effects.

There are different ways how we can consciously use the benefits of working with intention in our everyday lives. One of it is yoga practice. Encoding the DNA with intention has been used by yogis of ancient times in order to achieve higher states of consciousness, but this skill has been lost for centuries. When yoga was brought to the West, it already had no intention in its basis therefore it changed a spiritual practice capable of truly transforming the mind and consciousness into a fitness-like physical practice without “spiritual core.”

As western medicine has divided the human body into separate parts and organs and as science has divided knowledge into physics, mathematics, philosophy, psychology, astronomy, and so forth, the yogic knowledge has also been divided into Asanas, Pranayama, Meditation, Ayurveda, Vastu… So Yoga became fragmented and could not reflect its very own nature which is a connection. The link that connects this seemingly multi-faceted practice is intention, which needs to penetrate into each of the fragmented part and connect it into the one.

In modern times yoga practice with intention reappeared several years ago within ENCODE Yoga (N-Code Yoga Practice), a different approach to yoga and its purpose. The main principle behind N-Code Yoga is intention.

N-Code Yoga shows how to use intention in yoga practice and how to align it with asanas, breath, movement in order to change the DNA patterns, consciously release energy blockages, speed up spiritual, physical and psychological development, thereby making it different from the conventional ways of practicing yoga.

Using intention, especially when it is manifested in words and visualization during yoga practice, chakras get easily activated, energy meridians get cleansed, healing and detoxication processes enhanced. Thus, intention deeply affects yoga practice and the practitioner on all levels: physical, mental and spiritual. A yoga practitioner can use intention to move his body and mind from one asana to another, can breathe intention in and out, encoding it into every cell, so that the intention can be transmitted into the Universe and start to manifest itself in everyday life.

Practice for the sake of practice has no value and can even be unsafe and dangerous because the new energy generated in the body during the practice without conscious direction can not be used in constructive ways. Because the undirected energy leaks out with daily emotional ups and downs which means it is wasted and the practitioner’s energy level returns to its previous level or even lower.

When energy is not directed consciously, it goes to its usual “neuro-pattern,” strengthening the weak “points” and negative patterns of the mind that have already been formed during the past time. That is why the energy that is built during unconscious practice without intention becomes destructive.

Therefore intention encodes and dedicates the practice to a higher purpose, so that yoga practice becomes a higher spiritual practice—a prayer, a gratitude, a vector of attention—all at the same time. Intention becomes a linking part of all aspects of yoga—Asana, Pranayama, Meditation.

Intention reprograms the old ways of functioning, decompresses the DNA and awakens its dormant 98% of the code bringing a possibility to reveal and manifest the full potential of a Human Being.

This is a sponsored post. If you’re interested in connecting your business with elephant, contact us ad [at] elephantjournal [dot] com.

nina_mel_portrait-2Nina Mel is yoga and energy teacher, RYT 500, creator of N-Code Yoga Practice, Ph.D. in Psychology and author of “The Book of Asanas. Energy Geometry of Human Body. She was featured on the cover of Yoga Journal (May-June 2012 issue, Russian edition), she is also a Shivaloka Soul Jewelry brand ambassador and a founder of yoga apparel line Yogini Bikini.

Nina travels internationally with N-Code Yoga workshops and retreats, runs Yoga Teacher Education Program for teachers of any yoga styles and presents “Energy Geometry of Human Body” courses, but her specialty in yoga is a creation of personally-tailored yoga programs—Individual Codes of Asanas, which is a unique, safe and personalized self-practice experience for those who has no time and possibility to attend yoga studios, travels often or lives abroad.



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47 Responses to “A Scientific Approach to our Yoga Practice. ~ Nina Mel”

  1. Dave says:

    Thank you! Interesting article.

  2. Marianne says:

    Really looking forward to when your book is avilable in English… This article introduces the concepts really well, I think. Nicely written 🙂

  3. Doug says:

    You're 'story' doesn't reveal the fact until the end of the article that this is really a commercial. Shame on you. Apparently
    Satya: Commitment to the truth goes out the window when someone gives you a check.

  4. MatBoy says:

    Selling jewelry, bikinis, and letting us know that we may be doing yoga WRONG so they can sell us THE WAY of doing it correctly. 'Practice for the sake of practice has no value and can be unsafe and dangerous…' I assume the author's intention and higher purpose is making money. Skinny model, heavy make-up, professional photographs: she is following a tried and proven marketing approach. Or maybe my BS filters are just too sensitive.

  5. No Thanks says:

    This commercial contains some of the most manipulative falsehoods about yoga that I have ever read. Example:
    "When yoga was brought to the West, it already had no intention in its basis therefore it changed a spiritual practice capable of truly transforming the mind and consciousness into a fitness-like physical practice without “spiritual core.”"
    That's absolutely untrue. Yoga didn't change. Some individual practices became different, but what happened to Yoga itself was no different than what happens to Music itself when people start playing different styles of music. Music itself always goes merrily on no matter what–no matter what someone does to it (like creating a new part of the so-called music industry). So I can bang on a can, call it music, sell the recordings to lots of gullible folks, but that won't impact Music now will it? And it's the same way with Yoga itself (to an even more powerful level). We can't make Yoga what it's not. So this article has no affect on Yoga or yoga. I'm just writing this to point out that the mechanical pseudo-science being used to try and lend credibility to a super-slick, soft-porn amplified sales pitch here is really objectionable from a regular, everyday moral perspective, especially given that the post is presented as a regular post, not a commercial.

  6. Steve says:

    This is a great post – but obviously not for a main-stream yoga society and not for superficial minds. Yoga as it is presented on the West at the moment – is an old, outmoded and really commercial/fashionable thing for most people. And new ways of thinking, talking, practicing are always difficult to digest – that's what we see now looking at some of these comments above. But we need this shift in our perception of reality. We need to start thinking, instead of stupid critics. Just get out of the box and your old reaction patterns.

  7. Max B.C. says:

    So you want to see a fat ugly woman, doing classic yoga and all these obsolete "masters" of yoga who's real purpose is money with a mawkish disguise of a happy-healthy yogi – who just making authority in the class by giving yoga in "do-what-I-say"-style and pretending to be Gurus? Go your way…

    Thanks to the author for great thoughts and great looks 😉

  8. No Thanks says:

    It's okay if you just like the pictures, Steve, but besides the super-hi resolution photography, what's new here? Once you get past the pseudo-science, the only thing she's saying is that positive thinking is good. Okay. Positive thinking is good. If you agree, then think positively. We could all do with more of that. Of course. But we already new that. And who's being negatively reactive here? The negative judgement starts with her claims about the present day yoga practitioners, and yours. It amazes me that you can criticize the "old, outmoded and really commercial fashionable thing," and then turn around and buy into a soft-porn photo infomercial. And the real read-shaker is that your judgment begins with the issue of superficiality. Man, oh, man.

  9. Nina Mel says:

    Until now only I give checks to Elephant and others to be heard – so that those people who need this information can get it for free and stop harming themselves practicing in incorrect ways.
    I do all by myself with a help of my husband only. Without any sponsors I produce free NEW YOGA Magazine, write books, etc. Shame on this system that we are all live in and on those who's mind got so soaked with money and grid that can see others only in this perspective. Namaste.

  10. Steve says:

    No Thanks. Porn is in the eyes of the beholder. I know it for sure. Better watch your reactions on this pictures and work on yourself – this is a real yoga practice for you, man.

  11. Nina Mel says:

    Ok. What you call Yoga is not Yoga. What you call Music is not Music.
    I'll explain.
    Music – is what people, culture and society did to the Sound. They perverted the Sound for their own amusement. This is just an entertainment. Nothing more.
    Same with Yoga at present. Nothing is left, no authenticity any more – just commercial, just physical fitness and entertainment for "spiritual teenagers" who still enjoy to play. Did you notice they all say now: "come join me to play together!" This is all about play. They have no honesty and courage to simply say : I will teach you what I know and you in exchange will pay me – what is a respectful and honest relationships between people in our monetary system which we can not avoid no matter how much we pretend.
    So I suggest – stop pretending and start learning. Stop practicing in yoga studios with unknown people. Yoga is a sacred process. You can not do it in a group. Stop cultivating this pretentious plays and mass-entertainment. If you want to learn how to do it, you are welcome to read my next articles. Don't worry – they are free for you to learn – I will pay for them to be posted. Namaste.

  12. Nina Mel says:

    Guys, save energy for yoga practice and never waste it in vain. Seriously. It's much more precious than it seems to spend it on comments of such vibration. Namaste.

  13. Natalie Baginski says:

    My master's is in "Vedic Science" and I still have trouble using the word "science" with what I'm doing. Philosophy sounds better, but actually, there is a science behind yoga. I recently learned that there are over 40,000 neurons in the human heart, meaning our "feeling" about what we are doing is established in our physiology must faster than what our brain tells us about what's happening. In my yoga practice, one of the first three postures is actually just a sitting posture where we settle ourselves and make an intention of some kind. My version of setting intention is just to take a moment to feel some appreciation for the time I'm taking to do my yoga, which is solely to clear stress from my physiology so that when I do my meditation program, I have a better experience. Between what's happening with Bikram, the arguging about which kind of meditation is better, and people saying certain yoga practices are just exercise where others are actually spiritual in nature…I think the only way we can resolve the questions about what yoga really is, is to go back to the Vedic literature. Yoga comes from the Vedic tradition of India. There are 40 branches of Vedic literature. There are so many translations of the Bhagavad Gita it would take a lifetime to read them all, and the Yoga Sutras? Good luck finding a common ground on the yamas and niyamas. But…even though wading through the Vedic literature is like the fire swamp in the princess bride, it's the best place to find our clarifications about yoga. The deeper you go into Vedic literature the easier it is to use the word science. And…I'm so used to people using their naked bodies to promote anything regarding yoga, I didn't even pick up on the advertising here until you all pointed it out. And I don't care. I put good information in my little brain bucket of things to know and the rest I toss.

  14. Nina Mel says:

    Thank you for you comment. As for naked bodies connected to yoga – do you people really think putting layers of clothes is comfortable for yoga practice? If you're tired of fit young bodies to look at – look at your ancient yoga masters in India in a tiny tissue that hardly covered their genitals. Who cares? If you really practice yoga, you know that the less clothes the better as it doesn't distract you, it's less dangerous and less hot this way. That simple.
    External doesn't matter except as it shows you its inner reflection.

  15. Kathy says:

    why not?

  16. Nina Mel says:

    Thank you, Marianne. And the book will be released on summer, I'll send you a copy. 🙂

  17. Natalie Baginski says:

    To answer your question, No ma'am. I do not think that doing yoga in layers of clothing is comfortable. In fact, I find it uncomfortable. Many of these posts were criticizing the mess out of you, and I simply said that I didn't notice the advertising until it was pointed out to me. Yoga journal and elephant journal use pictures of people practicing in things that show skin so I am kind of used to it. I have no thoughts about it actually. Like I said, "I put good information in my little brain" and I toss the rest. Did you mis out on the points I made to back up the fact that yoga and the vedic tradition is actually very much a science, although we are used to calling it philosophy and even I am still having to get used to using the term "Vedic Science" for my studies because so many people laugh in my face that I call it a science? I also pointed out that I also set an intention before I practice. So I hope you realize that of all the people that criticized you here, I wasn't really one of them. I was just excited to read something new.

  18. Brooke says:

    I think this is a great article, Nina. I am sad to see so many people putting you down for it. One thing I have learned from yoga is to not judge others and have an open mind… I guess they haven't learned that. lol I, too, think intention is very important in yoga practice, and in everything in life. Energy, as well. Energy having a lot to do with intention. Kudos to you for speaking your mind and spreading your truth! <3

  19. Vision_Quest2 says:

    Yes, bring it.
    The overly muscled, the inflexible of hipped, the average double digit U.S. size.

    There should be room for everybody …

  20. Max B.C. says:

    Classic answer of the one who always needs to look good in the eyes of majority. If there's a room a everybody – why don't you guys give a room for this one? Hypocrites 87p.

  21. Nina Mel says:

    I don't sell any jewelry – I emailed "Shivaloka Soul Jewelry" with a request to use for my photo session their Malas that I bought with my own money from their shop. I loved them because my other passion is working with crystals which I use in N-Code Yoga Practice. They agreed and named me their ambassador, which I don't mind as they create good things and I love to wear it. But I don't sell it, don't get any profit from their sells and don't even have a single piece of their jewelry as a present from them. I only wear what I resonate with and what I buy myself.

    Yogini Bikini – is my art which I am proud of as I designed and created it with my own hands – for my yoga practice as the most convenient yoga wear for myself.

    My higher purpose – except making money – is to make the profession of yoga teacher more professional, of better quality and to provide you the information you are not aware of – so that you guys don't break your necks, bodies and minds because of the lack of this knowledge. I repeat. Practice for the sake of Practice has no big value (except fitness) and CAN be unsafe and dangerous for your body and mind. If you don't know that yet, you are at risk to experience it in future. Namaste.

  22. Nina Mel says:

    Natalie, thank you again, nothing to do with you and you didn't criticize anything or anyone, I just used the topic you mentioned to address it to all people (that's why I said "you people") who's comments about "naked body parts" were negative. I should have used not a "reply" button for this one, but a "new comment".

    Thanks for pointing out Vedic science term – it really is a science, which we don't fully understand yet, and maybe never did, that's why we people call it philosophy. But we'll get there. We'll connect the ends of the rope, science and religion (philosophy). Sanskrit word "Yoga" means "to connect". You, I and like-minded people – we're already doing it.

  23. Nina Mel says:

    Thank you for your comment, Brooke.
    Lets not be sad as negative comments are also appreciated, they show what modern yoga practitioners might lack in and it gives me a better idea of how to address certain issues next time so that more people could get a benefit from it. I understand those who post such kind of comments. They are too overwhelmed by nonsense from others and of their own, that it's hard to separate it from the seeds of truth that may rarely appear on their way. Especially if those seeds grow from "commercial ad". Especially if the author is good looking, naturally skinny, wears make up for photo sessions and can provoke certain suppressed, so called "non-yogic" desires which they haven't yet managed to control in their mind – so they prefer to turn it to hate and blame me for what their own mind gives birth to. Perfect target. So common. But I won't make myself look physically worse for my words to be perceived in a correct way. That's their job.

  24. victoria mckay says:

    Nina, you rock! 🙂

  25. elephantjournal says:

    Nina—as you can see, you have some traction with our readers–and traction, or friction, creates heat. Much like our practice. Thanks for your patient and kind replies—our readership is, admirably, well used to guarding against objectification of sexuality and your photos above certainly seem to have inspired that.

    I got to spend an hour, last night, replying to readers who largely hadn't bothered to read your article, but figured we were posting photos of some random sexy yogini to get readers, not realizing that the yogini in question was herself sharing said photos. Hopefully, in an empowered manner, and not merely for titillation.

    That said your comments and replies beautiful demonstrate the fruit of your practice, and your intention. I hope you know that, whatever the dialogue, and it's often…vigorous, particularly on the internet…your article has hit home. I see it's featured in our most popular blogs, now.

  26. Kathy says:

    Thx for the interesting article and comments. A lot to think about!

  27. Nina Mel says:

    Thank you, Waylon. I enjoy your articles and comments too, especially the ones on BPA subject. Check this if you didn't see it yet: http://youtu.be/ROW9F-c0kIQ

    I have another article to submit (not about N-Code, etc.), but would like to know your personal opinion before as it might be too hot even for elephant journal :). Would you mind to check it? Thanks again.

  28. MatBoy says:

    There is something more to the bare mid-drifted, middle-aged Indian women in saris than meets the eye. Most of them have struggled to raise families in a male-dominated society. They can become pretty hardheaded making sure their children are taken care of and have a better opportunity in life and society while at the same time coming to terms with the goodness embodied in their culture.

  29. No Thanks says:

    Oh, yes, Waylon, how can you pass up an offer like that? Since Nina's comments about everyone else's yoga being "nothing" are such "beautiful demonstrations of her practice" and all, I'm sure you (Waylon) will be happy to give Nina your personal opinion on a submission that "might be too hot even for ej." Yes, there's no doubt about that. But since this comment of mine will be quickly removed from the blog, I'll just have to send a copy of this whole amazing exchange to Babarazzi. They'll probably agree with both of you that this article and subsequent comment stream was "empowering," not just "titillating." Don't you think?

  30. MatBoy says:

    Yes, this article has made the 'most popular' list, the same one headed for the past few months by the 'Playboy Naked Yoga' video.

  31. Lilian says:

    Now that's getting interesting 🙂

  32. No Thanks says:


  33. No Thanks says:

    That "exactly" was meant for Matboy and his comment that this article is in the exact same league as the Playboy video. I'm sure ej (Waylon, Kate, et al) are now realizing what they are really being pulled into here and will soon cut out their above comment to Nina and Nina's priceless response, and all of these comments, so there's only a small window of time for any of this to be stated. This whole thing is such a head-shaker, I'm actually starting to think maybe it's a really great prank. That would be too perfect, but wouldn't it be great if Nina didn't really exist and some feminist group was just yanking Waylon's chain here. Then they'll come out with the big reveal. They're the Gorilla Girls of the yoga world. Go Gorilla Girls, Go!

  34. Nina Mel says:

    My new post is on politics, and it might get a big resonance. As I am new to blog posting, I would prefer an experienced writer to check it before I submit it. This is not necessary to connect everything the way you just did, No Thanks.
    I am not a feminist group either. Not so sure about you. Namaste.

  35. Nina Mel says:

    Haha. You actually have a good sense of humor, No Thanks. I like it. If only you could use it in a positive way. Try to reread my article, please. I believe a concept mentioned in it will be of a great benefit for you personally. Namaste

  36. No Thanks says:

    Cool. And pray tell, Nina, what political issue could be "too hot even for ej"? Politically speaking, I don't know of any issue that ej has shied away from, so when you tell Waylon that your next submission might be too hot even for ej, what political issue could that be? Since there are so many people here waiting with bated breath to receive your teachings on political matters, I understand if you want to be coy, but you don't have to give away the theme, but please, just let us know what the general political arena would be that ej might not be able to handle. That would be much appreciated.

  37. No Thanks says:

    Oh, and if you don't have an answer, are you completely sure that you're not a feminist group pulling a prank. That would be so terrific. And it would also mean that we could all breathe easy about our yoga being "nothing." I mean when someone no one knows gets on such an illustrious media network as ej and declares that everything we are all doing is nothing, that's bad. We're in trouble. I mean you obviously know what you're doing. You can grab your foot from over your head and everything, so, wow, if you're the real deal, that we're all in trouble. Oh, wait. No we're not. We can all just wait for you to teach us real yoga. Phew. That's a load off.

  38. MatBoy says:

    If I could, I would encourage No Thanks to 'be nice' and avoid personal attacks. There are interesting issues here and we are all learning and expressing our responses. For example, I'm wondering if the EJ crew is considering selling more ads so that they can get some private equity on board in preparation for an IPO; I would be dreaming about multiples.The American way, and we can leave those pudgy traditionalists from the sub-continent out of the picture entirely. Maybe Starbucks can start putting EJ yoga studios in their shops.

  39. No Thanks says:

    Now, now, MatBoy. I would have thought you'd realize that my comments are actually directed at EJ, just as yours are. EJ was here congratulating Nina for a job well-done after she told us all that our yoga was nothing and that she would lead us out of the dark-ages. I was sure that EJ would have stepped in here to stop this whole thing long before now. I was wrong. The fact that they didn't gave Nina even more rope to drag Waylon into a now obviously sad situation. So, I really never thought it would get this far. Once Nina started making overtures to Waylon, I thought that was the end for sure. But no, it continues, and since it's not a prank, I agree that the best thing to do now is just letting end. But I'll tell you this, MB, if someone had jested well with Bikram when he first started telling everyone that their yoga was nothing, and that he was the only one who knew what real yoga was, then maybe a whole bunch of his now traumatized students would be a whole lot better off.

  40. william says:

    “no thanks” you’re crazy! I’ve patiently read all the comments and must admit you really have no idea of what yoga is about

  41. MatBoy says:

    Seem we are on the same page.

  42. Sam says:

    Making money by misinforming people. This is not science, this is pseudoscience.
    Why do you do this?
    You are either being dishonest or you have no idea of what you are talking about.
    The " scientists" you have mentioned are quacks.

    If DNA can be modified the way you are suggesting,(which it can't) can you actually cite a study from a reputable journal to prove it??

    If not then you cant back up your claim and you would be making a profit from misinforming people. Very sad.

  43. Sam says:

    You forgot to mention EJ doesn't seem to have a problem supporting someone that makes a buck by deliberately misinforming people.

    In case Waylon doesn't know what I am talking about …May I refer you to any college level Biology Textbook Waylon? You will see why what Nina is doing here is wrong in so many levels.

    She is making an extraordinary claim , endorsing it as a scientific fact without offering any evidence (and there isn't any because DNA encoding is pseudoscience at best) and then making money out of it . This is just dishonest and worse ….you are like endorsing her too.

    No wonder why lately EJ looks more like the horoscopes section in a fashion magazine.

  44. Nina Mel says:

    I wouldn't call the "researchers from the International project ENCODE (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ENCODE). 442 scientists, situated in 32 institutes around the world" and other well-known scientists quacks. If you think you know better than them – think twice.
    DNA can be modified. You actually just did it with your words from the previous comment – ruined your DNA and poisoned your energy. If you want to learn how to modify DNA for the benefit of your health and spirit, first learn the proper way of communication. Until then you will fail in anything you do in life.

    I will now answer only to those who are interested in this article and want to get something out of it. For this, you can also write me at [email protected] if you prefer to do it privately. Other comments of the same vibrational level as the previous one I will ignore.

  45. Frodis says:

    I'm not a genetics expert, but I do have a doctoral degree in biomedical science and I am familiar with ENCODE. That program was critically important in showing that the non-coding DNA regions actually do have an important functional role in regulating transcription (no scientist actually thought that these regions were truly "junk;" we suspected they must have function, but didn't yet know what that was). But to conflate that into suggesting that ENCODE researchers are on board with the pseudoscientific concepts you're citing (intentionality, positive thinking, etc, being able to modify DNA) is not accurate. The study you cite by Rein involved only 2 subjects – that's not exactly a strong or convincing study design. I haven't dug deeper into his work than reading that abstract, but I'm sure I could easily find many issues with his methodology.

    Yes, DNA can be modified by environmental factors (in that it can have chemical "bits" stuck to it, or the histone proteins around which it is wound, that makes it either more or less accessible by the transcriptional machinery). But so far, I've seen no compelling evidence that positive thinking or "directed intentionality" or some such can do this. For the sake of argument, even if we accepted this premise, is the simple fact that such thinking/intention could influence DNA transcription a beneficial thing? It could conceivably be transcribing genes that increase cell proliferation, which can play a role in cancer development. Therefore, simply increasing DNA transcription, in and of itself, is not necessarily a "good thing" to do.

    I can entertain the hypothesis that positive thinking and communication COULD have some effect on our hormonal milieu, altering the function of our HPA (hypothalamic-pituitary axis), which COULD in theory have some impact on our genome. But I don't think that has been empirically demonstrated yet by reliable, repeatable experiments.

    Just wanted to add a (hopefully, fair and measured) scientific perspective to the conversation. I don't care about your bikini or your jewelry but I do care about conveying accurate scientific information – or more precisely, encouraging scientific thinking and critical analysis rather than promoting pseudoscience just because it supports some idea we like and hold dear.

  46. Nina Mel says:

    Thank you, Frodis.
    This is not a scientific paper itself but this is an article, where I offered a new understanding of yoga practice through the prism of scientific breakthroughs.
    I gave several examples of researches on the subject of DNA and how it can be influenced by Intention, sound, commands, etc, or I better say Will – in order to prepare for a bigger picture and to give readers (yoga practitioners) a hint that it can be used in yoga practice using Piezoelectric effect that body generates during the practice. No one in the world taught that yet. Didn't even make this connection in public.
    But there is information on this subject – which can't be found in internet as the experiments and studies made by Russian scientists, which I had an access to being a Ph.D. in Psychology, was never public as I already mentioned and – from what I can see here – it better stays like this.

    So I won't talk on this subject anymore as obviously there is almost none of yogis here who are ready for this information yet and for a real shift in their understanding of Yoga as a science as they still enjoy fitness yoga-play spiced up with esoteric on top and all that fun. Why not. Let them enjoy.

    And the last thing for the others (not for you Frodis) – never judge by the looks and bikinis – as the looks are made up for all of you on purpose in order to bring the attention to serious subjects which otherwise won't be even noticed. But even that didn't work in the context of the article.
    Namaste and thank you all for your comments.

  47. michellec433 says:

    The whole "Junk DNA" thing has been proven to not be junk and just genetic encoding where you can turn switches on and off depending on your situation or environment. They discovered this though studying groups who experienced times of famine and it showed that woman's hips were wider or smaller because of that. All because lack of food or an abundance of it. This is why people who use addictive substances or eat poorly turn switches that cause illness on and if you eat healthy or use "super foods" it turns those switches off. That is what I have come to understand.

    The human body and mind are very interesting things and I think this is a great concept and I loved the article. HOWEVER, as with everything, I take it with a grain of salt because we have to come to our own conclusions about things. I'd love to see more research done on this concept though. I am all for setting an intention because from my personal experiences, I know that it works. Regardless if it is in yoga, cooking, art or just life in general. We are still discovering things about the human body and more and more is being learned each day, we have to remember that. Thank you so much for the article and I can't wait to hear more! 🙂