Don’t Give Up: It’s Possible.

Via Stephanie Vessely
on Mar 17, 2013
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I’ve never much believed in happily ever after.

I guess that’s the pessimistic side of me. Or maybe it’s the realistic side. To work, relationships of all kinds need a lot of time, effort and communication. Now that I think about it, that’s how life is too.

After seeing a fairy tale, or even most chick flicks, I often wonder how the stories go after the honeymoon ends. When the happy couple is confronted by bills, children, extended family, sharing a living space and busy schedules, how do they fare?

Sometimes I picture Cinderella waking 10 years later to her screaming kids, pieces of her glass slipper all over the floor and Prince Charming nowhere to be found. Or maybe they are in couples counseling.

Any relationship that starts with I love you in the first few days of knowing each other is bound to hit some bumps.

Prince Charming might be charming, but I’m guessing even he has his annoying habits.

But I digress.

While fairy tales are sweet, I’d rather deal in the real than in the pretend. Which is why I love this video by Jon Cozart. He’s a film student at UT, and as you’ll see, is quite talented.

He couldn’t get into the college of his choice the first time around, and was rejected from Glee.

But here’s why I love this story: He didn’t give up.

He kept plugging away at what he loved to do and now his video has gone viral. He’s already gained 80,000 subscribers and is receiving calls from agents and managers.

It’s a good reminder to those of us trying to find a way to make a living doing what we love.

Whatever it is, it’s possible. All you have to do, is be you.

Even if you’ve never wondered what happened to our beloved princesses after they sailed off into the sunset, you’ll enjoy watching this video. It’s witty, intelligent and funny. And it has nothing to do with how their relationships fared.



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