The Day I Discovered a Monsanto Inside of Me.

Via Renee Baribeau
on Mar 19, 2013
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Do you believe that we co-create our own reality? I do.

The Hawaiian Huna tradition of Ho’oponopono, is based on the premise that everything in nature is interconnected through subtle energies, and that we can never truly separate ourselves from the whole.

This idea brings an entirely new meaning to the concept of responsibility, promoting the fact that everything we perceive in the “outer” world is merely a reflection of our inner thoughts and emotions. Yet, we are not always gracious hosts to these experiences, and sometimes find them distasteful; this includes “hot potato” issues like GMO, organic farming and monopolies.

Last week, my blog stirred up a lot of dust and controversy. Some local farmers weren’t happy that I singled out Monsanto, while others applauded my bravery. Thank you for the feedback. My close friends know that I do not take political stances. The reason I chose Monsanto was because I was doing research for my weekly radio segment about the financial impact of social protest.

Frankly, I stay clear of debate on GMO’s. Several of my good friends happen to be farmers who work in the field and feed millions; following their advice, I read some of Borloff’s biography describing the creation of modified wheat seeds to feed starving people during times of famine.

In my worldview, this was done to serve humanity. I recognize that it is has become a big business, but people have the right to choose otherwise. Everyone is entitled to gather in community and farm.

Do I believe that organic farmer have the solution to world hunger? No. We have an entire world to feed, less land, more people and a system in place that is impossible to change.

However, we can make personal choices and live in harmony with our beliefs at a grass roots level.

Many people cannot afford the cost of organic food, while others choose not to pay the higher prices—a family member asked me recently how she could maintain a healthy diet on her minimum wage salary.

My interest in farming began as a child, when I worked on my grandmother’s farm. Over the years, my life’s work has evolved—from fruit stand to commercial kitchen, and now, from the center of my passionate compass, I strive to help people wake up to personal responsibility.

Everything that crosses our path is intended for our growth; we must learn to deal with our challenges in a creative manner. If you view the world as a battleground, be prepared to wage a war.

I help people navigate their emotional windstorms using my “Awakening Compass,” which teaches them to find harmony in the midst of chaos. This does not mean turning a blind eye to human gluttony and consumerism, but requires responsibility for the co-creation of our experience.

Monsanto is not the enemy, nor is Wal-Mart or other multinational corporations.

“There is only one, and we are all connected,” we love to spew this term from our lips, but resist taking responsibility for our involvement, or lack of it.

If you are disturbed by GMO’s, perhaps it is time to pray.

“I love you. Please forgive me for anything I have said or done in this lifetime or any others that would have created a shortage of food and starvation. Please forgive me…thank you.”

The “I love you” is the creator and creation; use this Ho’oponopono to bring balance into your every day experiences. Only then will you be able grab the spade of earth and plant new seeds.

Bringing Spirit into business is the taproot of my work—and I’ve created a series which teaches others how to weave passion, purpose, platform, prosperity and poetry into personal and business life to live responsibly.

As we heal our inner landscapes, we learn to live in harmony with the world around us. Then, and only then are we able to mulch our scraps, recycle our trash and plant a fertile garden.




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Renee Baribeau, “The Practical Shaman,”is a wind whistler, soul coach, Hay House author, inspirational speaker, and workshop leader. Renee is the author of Winds of Spirit, by the prestigious Hay House Publishing Co. She is known and respected for her down-to-earth approach. During her life, the wind gods have steered Renee’s course in many directions. Learn more about The WindWork® at a Wind Whistling Ceremony here. Follow Renee on Facebook at The Practical Shaman for daily inspiration.


8 Responses to “The Day I Discovered a Monsanto Inside of Me.”

  1. Janell Percy says:

    Renee is right, the way we perceive things in the “outer” world is merely a reflection of our inner thoughts and emotions.
    If we are so concerned with issues we should research them, I mean really dig deep and go to the source. Get off the internet, talk to a plant breeder or scientist if you are concerned about GMO's. Don't let a lawyer or internist convince you GMO's are bad. A hundred years ago traditional plant breeding was thought to be unnatural and now it is mainstream. Genetic engineering is no different and will help us in many ways in the future. Think about other advances in our society and how we have accepted them. They have made our lives easier and now we can't live without them. GMO's will be the same someday, we have to look deep and understand the whole picture and be accepting of the good things in our lives.

  2. Thank you for a perspective from the farmers. I know you personally and I also know that you care about your family and have great intentions in creating sustainable food.

  3. LLabon says:

    If you are disturbed by GMOS, see this film about one man's efforts to help farmers in India. GMO and chemical farming have nearly destroyed the soils and led to over 200,000 farmer suicides. While American farmers may be able to stave off the debt and toxic cycle longer without the dire personal consequences, the dangerous depletion of top soil, bee die off, mutating insects & super weeds, not to mention the rats dying from tumors when fed GMO based diets should give us all pause.. . – We can pray for the world we've inherited and then get to work repairing our soils…our own body and the Earth…

  4. Loryn says:

    Thank you for the insight Renee, this was extremely powerful. It is very easy for us to point out shortcomings in others yet what we should be doing is realizing that we are merely pointing out imperfections that we hold within ourselves. There is a reason that things don't 'sit right' with us.

  5. Don says:

    There is absolutely no proof that genetically modified food increases yields. If you do not believe me, ask all of those farmers in India who were committing suicide because their yields decreased after using Monsanto crops. One can make an argument that petroleum based fertilizers increased production and prevents starvation, but GMO crops not only decrease yields and increase the cost of production, they also poison humans. A recent study showed over 80% of women in Canada had levels of bt toxin produced within GM corn in our blood, and other studies have shown contrary to Monsanto's claims, this is quite toxic to humans as well as insects. The FDA officials never wanted to approve these – it was forced on them. For those who want the truth about GMO I invite you to watch Seeds of Deception movie on Youtube and see the first hand accounts of all the people and animals who got sick from consuming GMOs and got better after eliminating them from their diet.

  6. Rebecca says:

    Sounds like you've got a lot of anecdotal evidence. Unfortunately, when you deal in science, you need to deal with reproducible, reliable fact. Start here:

  7. Arina says:

    Thanks for any other wonderful article.