Journey to Raices y Brazos: Center for Integral Evolution.

Via Brigitte Mars
on Mar 11, 2013
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A few weeks ago, I taught at this amazing place in Baja in the town of San Juan del Cabo, and would like to share about it.

Raices y Brazos (meaning Roots and Branches) is a center for integral evolution and managed by a lovely American couple named Peter and Jessica who met at Burning Man, and got married there a year later. Their intention was to create an international retreat center dedicated to health, yoga, music, consciousness and community.

Their mission: “Connect the heavens and earth, seeking balance, and branching out to the greater global community for education, visioning and action.”

First of all, this place is beautiful. Murals, art, affirmations, and mosaics grace the walls everywhere. There are beautiful gardens with edible plants and flowers. It seems that butterflies and hummingbirds like to vacation here too!

There is an amazing restaurant on the premises called Sabor de Amor (Taste of Love) that features an assortment of organic, vegan, raw, local fish, juices (think pineapple and papaya) and daily specials.

Raices y Brazos also owns an organic farm a few miles away that provides much of the fresh and wonderful produce that is served at Sabor de Amor.

A walk into town is safe and easy. My hosts took me to sushi one night and the fish was locally caught (no factory farmed) in the ocean hours earlier. An amazing farmers’ market nearby is celebrated by the entire community every Saturday featuring local food, produce and crafts.

caboDuring my week’s sojourn there, classes available at Raices y Brazos included Chi Gung, Yoga, Sound Healing, Breath Work, Herb Walks, Herbal Medicine, and Mediation. Many of the classes are bilingual and attended by the international guests as well as the local Mexican peoples. My friend Elysabeth Williamson had been here a couple of weeks prior and taught a Partner Yoga workshop. Guests at the time I visited besides Americans were from South Africa, Peru, France, Germany and Norway.

There is also a healing room that offers acupuncture, Reiki, reflexology, Hot Stone, watsu, and other massage treatments, and eco-groovy artsy healthy gift store.

It is a lively place offering comfortable accommodations from private rooms to dorm style and a communal kitchen. There is a music room full of instruments and music jams happen spontaneously.

The resort is close to the beach. There is also wonderful natural hot springs a short drive away.

If you are looking for a conscious healthy kind of retreat, that includes health, yoga and diverse possibilities consider I love this place and hope to return to teach there next year!



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