March 7, 2013

Let Go of the Life You Have Planned.

There is a call to action, do you hear it?

Evolve—continue to grow and learn.

This is something every yogi has taken on. Whether it is a new pose, chakras, philosophy, kirtan, meditation, art, music or life.

We are committed to growing and learning.

Some of the topics are easy: greening your yoga studio—the students are asking for it and there is enough low hanging fruit that you can dive right in.

What about the more challenging topics? Are we afraid to change?

“We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us.”

~ Joseph Campbell

Is it that simple? Can we just let go?

I fight the change to the bitter end, even when I ask for the change!

Over the last year, I have committed to biking more and driving less. Choosing to bike more often is something I have to constantly remind myself, the car is too easy to jump into. This is part of me reducing my impact on the world and living a greener life.

Have I gotten rid of the car? No way, but I am trying to bike more.

How about your social media strategy?

How come yoga teachers and studios are so far behind the curve (afraid to learn/change)?

Are you still holding on to printing in full color and taking out ads in magazines?

How about emailed newsletters?

Can we really hold onto that just a little bit longer?

I know how to print a flyer—posting on Facebook takes too much time.

Really? Facebook takes more time then making a flyer? You must be amazing at Photoshop!

I Like a lot of yoga teachers and yoga studios on Facebook—some just so I can see what their content and sharing looks like. The quality of content generally sucks; we are still holding on to the old guard, advertisements.

In order to evolve, we have to start sharing real and personal. How can a studio be personal?

The same way a yoga teacher can be personal.

When we get past the “come to my retreat” and grow into teaching and leading on Facebook, we will hear you, register for your retreat and share it with our friends; right now it’s difficult to even Like your retreat.


When you look back at your grassroots, you were handing out flyers. Today, we are pinning photos, sharing videos and taking photos that we share with the entire world.

Embrace the new platforms for communication—recognize that the four walls of your classroom are gone.

The people have never had a more powerful means of communication than Facebook.

It is no longer enough to simply have a Page on Facebook; if you are a yoga studio, start sharing your culture more than your schedule.

If you are a yoga teacher, start sharing from your heart and teach us every single thing you know.

What happens if you don’t Share your knowledge liberally?

Nothing, nothing happens.

Think about the impact you want to have on the world and start sharing today.



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Ed: Bryonie Wise

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