March 26, 2013

Love Is Patient & Kind.

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Sometimes when I hear people speak about love, I think they are romanticizing love in its ideal form.

None of us are always patient or kind. We are busy and spread thin, running from this to that, doing, doing, doing. Oftentimes, we treat those that we love the most the worst. We think that it’s not that big of deal how we treat those we love. The people we love know we love them, right?

Just because someone knows you love them deep down, doesn’t mean that you should treat the ones you hold dear your heart worse than you would random strangers or people that you don’t care that much for. The people we love deserve for us to practice loving kindness and to treat them with the utmost respect, awareness, mindfulness, patience and gratitude. It may seem like a lot of effort at first, but in all reality it is very basic and worth our time.

I believe we are here on this planet to learn about what it means to love and be patient, empathetic, compassionate and kind. Love begins with our relationship to our self. We treat people the way we treat ourselves.

The next time you are impatient and snappy, try to breathe deeply and come from a place of patience. The next time you’d rather not say something nice, exude kindness and care. Witness what happens when you begin to practice love from a place of patience and kindness. Witness what happens when you say something kind to someone you love, everyday. Just practice. It takes time to cultivate a pattern of patience and kindness. So, why not start today?


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