March 10, 2013

The “Science” of Love (Tissue Alert).

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“We exist, because of love.” ~ Jeffrey Wright.

Geek alert.

The other day, a group of friends and I were discussing the compelling point/counter points of the statistical validity of random number generators as it relates to Global Consciousness.

Didn’t I warn you?

I had recently watched a video about the Global Consciousness Project (a really cool study, if you’ve got a few extra minutes in your day). You see, another group of really smart friends and scientists had discovered a most interesting correlation between major world events and the emotional responses to those events.

In each case, and following these moments of either great joy or tragedy, the scientist noted significant fluctuations in data that should never have been impacted. It was almost as if these random number generators were responding to the collective heartbeat of this world.

Pretty freaky, huh?

So, for 45 minutes I sat there listening intently (mostly) until my mind was nearly point-counterpointed to death. But, even after all of their most educated mutterings—I couldn’t help but feel there was something much bigger going on.

And as they puffed up their chests, and pondered their ‘hows’… that’s when I realized they were missing their ‘why.’

“Yes, but why?” I asked. “Why is this happening? Is it the greater part of a much higher consciousness? Why?”

(awkward pause)

Sometimes, it may seem that science has all of the answers until it is that you ask them that ‘why.’

Jeffrey Wright, a physics teacher from Louisville, Kentucky,  faced this very same dilemma when life dealt him what he felt to be an earth shattering blow. When his son was born with Joubert’s syndrome, a rare genetic disorder effecting only 417 people in the world, this brilliant and most loved teacher found he was unable to answer that very same question.

“The whole thing about where the universe came from? I didn’t care. … I started asking myself, what was the point of it?”

And then, one day, he found it—the most beautiful ‘why’ of all.

In life, we are faced with obstacles and challenges—some of which may shake us to our very core. But sometimes, it’s the little things that happen along this way—that end up bringing to us the greatest gift of all.

And though, it may be easy to explain the scientific facts of this Universe—you’ll find it takes a much deeper and more personal emotional connection to truly understand our place within it. It’s through this connection, that Mr. Wright finds a way to teach his students a lesson that they may carry forward and forever throughout their lives.

“There is something a lot greater than energy. There’s something a lot greater than entropy. What’s the greatest thing?”

Love,” his students whisper.

So, to all of my friends with the ‘puffied’ up chests—it would seem the answer to ‘why’ is love.

Watch this inspiring, and beautifully touching video—to understand, to inspire, and to love.



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