March 12, 2013

The Winds of Change.


When the Wind Stops Blowing in your life it is a time for pause and reflection

Whenever I take a stroll in a desert and the wind suddenly kicks up, scattering grains of sand across my boots, I realize that change is in the air; I may even turn back and head home if the West Wind peppers the sand into my face.

It’s the same in our daily life.

It ‘s not only the wind that creates havoc, but also the resistance of the smaller grains of sand, which, when stirred, cause a larger movement, a forward momentum and progression. We have all had days where one mishap follows another; we spill coffee on the rug, and while cleaning up the mess we kneel on the cell phone, and then jump up screaming, “Oh no!” while banging our knee on the coffee table.

This outburst of emotion disrupts a sleeping partner from a peaceful sleep, and the frustrations continue to mount throughout the day.

If we wish to experience a life of bounty and joy, it is imperative that we surrender to the cyclic winds; we must allow them to fill our sails and carry us toward the shores of joy success. Two types of experiences are possible with these shape shifting winds; the precious external blowing that fills your recently vacuumed pool with leaves, and the subtle internal winds, which drift and meander throughout our minds, bodies and heart.

The external winds are not to be taken lightly, as one New York City law firm learned, when an airborne virus left it 200 lawyers short for an entire week.

These winds affect everyone.

I am writing a book called When the Wind Blows, which refer to the Internal Winds that affect our mind, body and spirit. This book, along with my “Awakening Compass” tool, was born during a time when the winds had ceased to blow, and my vision became crystal clear.

I have learned that the cycles of activity and stillness are natural rhythms of the human clock. We all try to comprehend and make sense of our lives.

Standing in the desert, with an abrasive wind scraping your face may not be the best direction to take when embarking on a new adventure. Sometimes, it’s better to postpone a hike, and attend to meditation, reading, painting or other forms of introspection.

Many years ago, while standing on a bluff overlooking Race Point, I experienced my first wind cleansing. A dark cloud hovered above every aspect of my life, and I felt downtrodden and defeated. As I stood there gazing and pondering, a powerful wind smashed against my energy field.

At first I resisted, my feet firmly planted on the ground. The wind surrounded me, dancing around the heaviness of my dark mood as it shape-shifted it like a shaman’s rattle. Gradually I surrendered, allowing it to permeate the hard crust of my fears and illusions.

Now I understand the correlation between the wind and my emotions.

After living in the desert for 20 years, my familiar trail had eroded, a living metaphor of my life as it was then. The computer had become the fulcrum of my community. My goods friends had moved, or changed, and the work I had been pursuing was complete.

The West Wind was blowing me north and I found myself, by myself, and with myself, on an island. Once again, the winds beckoned me to a bluff.

As I looked out over a vast horizon of snow capped mountains and shimmering cold water below, I was touched by a familiar wind, stirring ancient memories.

This time there was fair warning.

As I headed up the field, the breeze was singing, and the leaves harmonized in a sweet voice that cried out to be heard. As I stood among the craggy old pines, the wind whistled though me, and removed my inner debris.

As we circle around our awakening compass, in the same way that the earth rotates on its daily orbit, there are times of great movement and change. However, before true change can occur, our lives must be purified by the abrasive winds and blessed by the moments of stillness.

You may feel trapped, sad, lonely and disengaged from life. In Nature, these indentations are called deflations, gullies of smooth rock worn down over time. Theses lulls of experience are as just as important as the winds.

As I stood there, the wind kicked up the remaining particles of sand, and the void within was filled with a wonderful vision.

I walked back down the trail, singing along with the shimmering leaves, as the purple wild flowers joined us in a joyous celebration.


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Ed: Bryonie Wise

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