April 11, 2013

8 Ways to Score Your Inspiration.


source: Creative Commons by gnuckx

Life is boring when you feel uninspired.

It feels fuzzy and grey and sluggish and slow rather than bright and bouncy, connected, clear and light.

That’s why I gotta’ get my hit, and tap into that shit as frequently as I can, stock piling inspiration like a famine was coming, like it was toilet paper that I found on sale for $10 cents a roll, hoarding and hiding it, waiting for the rainy day where I just couldn’t be bothered stepping out into the rain.

Inspiration is pricelessly powerful and potently poignant to your sense of connection, creativity and contentment, so why not get some?

Here’s eight tried and tested ways to score yours:

1. Get in the water. Soak up a swim, clear your head in the bath or let the shower rinse away whatever it is that’s making you feel heavy or hazy, frazzled or frustrated, angry or agitated. Having a good rinse doesn’t only clean and cleanse your body, it also clears out your head!

2. Sit down and write. Not like you were sending a letter, or expecting someone to read your words, not like you’re trying to impress, or get any certain point across, but rock it out free form styles. Don’t worry about what it is your writing, don’t judge it, don’t hold back, just write, and whatever needs to come out will come out. Whatever it is that’s bugging you, nagging at you, not sitting well, holding you back, whatever it is that’s cramping your style and crowding your inner space will pour out onto the page. You need to get all that stuff out, so don’t wait until you have the attention of a friend or until your partner gets home, or until your boiling over and just can’t hold it in anymore, just sit down and off-load and write!

3. Go for a cozy, slow walk outside. Take the time to notice and really drink in all the beauty around you, all the little accents and touches, all the care and time and energy people have put into their homes, their lawns, their families, their lives. Checking out other peoples’ creations is a sure-fire way to inspire you to create!

4. Spend time with people who inspire you. We have such limited time, and especially limited free time, so why waste any of that gold on people who don’t make you feel good? Why poison yourself with relationships that make you feel judged, or continually criticized, uncomfortable or less than? When you empty that poison out of your life you free yourself up to spend time cultivating relationships with people who support and inspire you. Love is inspiring. Mutual respect is inspiring. Connection is inspiring, so why sell yourself short and waste time on anything less?

5. Tap into your creativity! Creating something, whether it’s a painting, a blog, a collage, a flower arrangement, a sculpture, a herb garden, a table or a new furniture arrangement in your living room, feels amazing!!!! We’re all creative, we’ve all got the gene, so why not give connecting with that part of yourself a go? If you can drop your own self- judgement you’ll clear way for inspiration to pour in!

6. Be kind to someone without expecting anything in return. Fold someone elses’ laundry off your communal line, let someone in front of you in traffic, hold the door, cook a meal, watch someone’s child – just be kind, and be kind and be kind. Nothing soothes your heart like kindness, and nothing is quite as inspiring as seeing the grateful look on the receivers’ face when you offer it unexpectedly.

7. Clean up your space. Un-clutter your house, get your laundry done, wash the dishes, make the bed, because it’ll make you feeeeeeeeeeeeeel good! Pretty hard to get clear and grounded and feel inspired about your life when your home feels crammed up, or dirty, messy, or out of control.

8. Map out your goals! You have to know where you want to go to get to where it is you’re going don’t you? The more specific you are about what you’d like to invite into your life and what it is you’re working towards, the more chance you have at aligning with that and actually creating it. So have a sit down and map it out- what is it you want to achieve in this lifetime on a bigger scale, and how can you, this year, this month, this week, today, start aligning yourself with those goals? Goals are not simply manifested from thin air, and dreaming and wishing and watching The Secret isn’t going to get you your ultimate job, make you that million, write your book for you, or get that degree, but you are. So map it out and start making it happen, you are the ultimate creator in your life, so get inspired and start creating!


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Ed: Kate Bartolotta

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