April 2, 2013

Jyotish {Vedic} Horoscopes for the Week of 4.1.

For all of us right now, the themes of endings, closure, spiritual growth, relationships, debts and not thinking clearly can surface and cause some mischief.

The week starts a bit rocky, so be gentle with your Self and emotions. The week closes out with the Moon moving towards Pisces to join Sun, Mars and Venus there, putting a great deal of emphasis on closures, being alone, relationships and loss, as well as the foreign, travel, passions and vulnerabilities. This is a time to prepare and clear out the burdens that are holding you back.

A new cycle begins when these planets move into Aries- starting with Venus on 4.11.

*Horoscopes are based on your Vedic rising sign. You can also check your moon and sun signs for further insight. Do the same with your Navamsa signs for further clarity.

Aries: Themes of growth, expansion, unburdening yourself and release are alive and well for you this week. New relations with work are possible and transformations with friends and relationships. Be easy with your self around losses and endings. Take time to be alone.

Taurus: Themes continue to surface for you around work, friendships, gains, health issues (digestion) and inner growth. Working with children may prove valuable on some level right now. Avoid spicey, fermented and rancid foods (leftovers). Pay special attention to the mental and emotional bodies this week for a healing boost.

Gemini: Themes continue to surface around relationships, healing, transformation, higher learning and career. Work with the mind, not against it. Empower your self with knowledge and take necessary alone time. Career changes are inevitable—get behind your new dreams.

Cancer: Digestion, relationships, transformations, deep knowledge, destiny, dharma and career continue to be themes this week. Changes are happening, so have a back up plan or two. Create necessary alone time and meditate. Take care of relationship storms.

Leo: Your focus is aimed at knowledge and past life gains (purva punya), romance, consulting, children, enemies, relationships, gains, transformations, vulnerabilities, anxieties and passions. Alone time is essential later in the week in order for you to make space for and to solidify your transformations and metamorphosis. Be diligent with the Self.

Virgo: Focus your energy and efforts on home and heart, children, knowledge and higher learning, digestion and diet, enemies and mental turmoil as well as relationships and finding comfort and security. Use the mental body as a tool for sharpening your life by letting it dance and fluctuate without your attachment to it. Be open to new resources and ways that the mental body can express itself.

Libra: Themes for you this week involve self support and courage, family and home life, children as well as health and digestion. Take care of your digestion and be mindful of enemies. This is not at time for risk taking. Physical activity will help with the mental worry and anxiety.

Scorpio: Themes this week surface around comfort, support, debts, self-initiated actions, home, higher learning, children, success and relationships. There is mental turmoil happening especially around endings and beginnings. Don’t over think things. Have a plan. You can trust your Self.

Sagittarius: Focus on your Self, comfort and support, courage and strength. Use art as a way to settle the mind. Attend to home and heart. Put your hands in some soil. Let nature, Ma, give you some much needed grounding and insights.

Capricorn: Losses, endings, foreign knowledge, courage, travel, expression and comforts are hot topics for you as they relate to career and dharma. Give your ego a rest with meditation time. Use art as a way to focus your strong will. Chanel your powers and use them to make calculated movements.

Aquarius: Your focus is on friendships and gains, foreign knowledge and losses, knowledge and ancient philosophy, the spiritual and metaphysical, comforts, wealth and speech. Meditation is as important as breath right now for you and will enhance the knowledge and information that comes to you. Go within.

Pisces: Themes around career, dharma, gains, friendships, losses and endings, alone time and foreign travel as well as the passionate self, continue to persist. Mind your health and digestion and avoid “fire in the gut.” You need plenty of alone time and meditation right now in order to transform with a sense of purpose. Be selective with the mystical resources you connect with as well as relations—vulnerability is at an all time high.


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Ed: Bryonie Wise

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