Where are you Focused?

Via Eric Klein
on May 12, 2013
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Meaning by Eric Klein

Where are you focused?
On the words or the meaning?
On the distractions or the depths?
On the surface or the soul?

There are a million ways to get lost in this world.
Let’s not innumerate them!
Instead, open the book of your life and let it teach you.
Listen to the poetry, the pulse, the purpose that is seeking to sing
through you and as you.

Your life is a sacred text, a holy poem.
Can you hear it?
Will you open to it?

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Ed: Bryonie Wise


About Eric Klein

Eric Klein is one of the few people on the planet who is both a lineage holder in a 5,000-year-old yoga lineage and a best-selling business book author. You can get his free ebook & guided meditation audio "The 7 Reasons Meditation Doesn't Work (and how to fix them)" at http://wisdomheart.com. Eric has worked with over 35,000 people to infuse greater meaning, awareness, and purpose into their work and lives. His book "You are the Leader You’ve Been Waiting For" won a 2008 Nautilus Book Award for being “a world-changing book promoting positive social change and responsible leadership.” With his wife and partner Devi, Eric is also the creator of the Healing Family Karma programs and The Meditation Habit. Eric and Devi have two adult sons, a ball-obsessed pup, and live in Encinitas, California. To learn more about their work (and access free teaching videos on meditation and mantra), go to http://wisdomheart.com.


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