June 15, 2013

Fierce Warrior Woman. ~ Meghan Gilroy {Poem}

When life rears up in your face,

When the money dragon roars,

And the children cry for your attention,

When your friends are shaken,

And your partner’s in the trenches too,

When your body aches from being sick and tired,

And your soul is crying for your attention,

Get fierce.

Get clear.

Be ruthless with yourself.

Stoke the fire in your belly.

Rage at your mistakes and shake your fist at the moon.

Stomp your feet and cry.

Curse once. Maybe twice. Out loud and at the gods.

Laugh at the breath-taking enormity of it all.

Turn to your inner whiny little b#tch and say, “Sweetie, it’s time.”

Time to love up and let go of your victim.

Time to focus your scattered brain.

Time to take new and uncomfortable actions.

Time for radical self-care.

Time to be still, drop in, meditate like mad. Pray.

You can no longer play small.

You can’t afford to be stuck.

Overwhelm doesn’t serve you.

Beyond the business, the bills, the dirty piles of laundry, the sticky hands, and shaky tummy,

Lives your fierce warrior woman.

Oh! Her beautywisdompower.

She knows. She sees. She’s connected. Tapped in. And ready.

Ready to summon your guides, your helpers, huge support to your aid.

Ready to come out and shine your light into this world.

Ready to push and pull and gently nudge and kick your bottom into gear.

Because the most magnificent life awaits you.

The one of your dreams,

Where you are dancing in alignment with your passion, your purpose, your spirit.

When you finally dobreathelive whowhatwhere you are perfectly meant to be.

You are meant to share your unique gifts, your mess, your magic, your story.

You are meant to serve and be supported.

You are meant to inspire.

Dig deep.

Answer the call.


Meghan Gilroy is a fierce warrior woman, Shaman Girl, mindful mama, wife, and transformational life coach. She dances between worlds—the spiritual and the practical, the everyday and the extraordinary. You’ll often find her laughing and crying, minding her heart-based business and son, all at the same time. You can track her down at www.shamangirl.com and www.facebook.com/shamangirls.



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Asst. Editor: Edith Lazenby/Ed: Bryonie Wise



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Read 2 comments and reply

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